7 new movies and shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and more this weekend (September 8)

 Ariel sits on a rock in the ocean as she sings in The Little Mermaid
Ariel sits on a rock in the ocean as she sings in The Little Mermaid

The first full week of September is drawing to a close – and we imagine that you're ready to crash on the couch and load up one of the world's best streaming services.

There's plenty to choose from on the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, and others this weekend, too. From hard-hitting documentaries and remakes of iconic Disney films, to thrillers and fun-filled Marvel miniseries, there's something for everyone on this week's must-watch list.

Here, then, is what's worth checking out in the streaming world for the weekend of September 8 to 10.

The Little Mermaid (Disney Plus)

This week's tentpole movie release – on a streaming service, anyway – is The Little Mermaid. Disney's live-action-CGI hybrid remake of its classic 1992 movie has finally made a *ahem* splash after its streaming debut was announced in August. If you missed its in theaters earlier this year, you'll want to make one of the more recent new Disney Plus movies *double ahem* part of your world now.

Before you do, read our review of The Little Mermaid to see if it's worth watching. Full disclosure: it's not one of the best Disney Plus movies around, but it'll have you singing along to its iconic musical numbers all the same. Find out where it ranks on our best Disney live-action movie remakes list, too.

Scouts Honor (Netflix)

A contender to be included in our best Netflix documentaries guide, Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America is another hard-hitting watch from the streaming titan.

Through exclusive interviews with whistleblowers, survivors, and former staff members, the docufilm shines a harrowing light on how the Boy Scouts of America attempted to cover up one of the most horrific child sex abuse scandals of all-time.

Given its content, Scouts Honor will be tough to watch and stomach. You'll need to be in the right frame of mind to stream it, trust us.

I Am Groot season 2 (Disney Plus)

Looking for something lighter than the aforementioned documentary? Settle in for new bitesized adventures with everyone's favorite based anthropomorphic tree instead.

That's right, I Am Groot season 2 has taken root on Disney Plus. The five-part season sees the toddler version of the Guardians of the Galaxy team member getting up to more mischievous antics, including adopting a baby bird, building a killer snowman, and 'fulfilling' a prophecy with the aid of What If...?'s The Watcher.

All five episodes, which debuted simultaneously on September 6, run for no more than four minutes, so I Am Groot 2 can be watched in a single sitting. A family-friendly series to enjoy with the kids (even if it isn't one of the best Disney Plus shows around) and a welcome palate cleanser from the MCU's more mature offerings.

Sitting in Bars With Cake (Prime Video)

Sitting in Bars With Cake aims to bake its way into our hearts (and onto our best Prime Video movies guide) with sugary rom-com and frosting-laden drama this weekend.

Inspired by true events, the Amazon Original movie follows Corinne and Jane, two LA-based 20-somethings who embark of a journey of 'cakebarring'. Essentially, the pair aim to make new friends by baking cakes and taking them to the city's various watering holes. That's the plan, anyway, until Corinne receives a life-altering diagnosis that challenges their friendship like never before.

There have been plenty of great and not-so-great new Prime Video movies this year, but few sound as inventive and curiously appealing as this one.

The Changeling (Apple TV Plus)

If fantasy-fuelled horror is your go-to genre when it comes to TV shows, this Apple TV Plus series is tailor-made for you.

Based on Victor LaVelle's book of the same name, The Changeling stars LaKeith Stanfield and Clark Backo as Apollo and Emma, a married couple whose lives are thrown into disarray by a series of spooky events. When Emma suddenly goes missing after doing something terrible in the aftermath of their first child's birth, Apollo sets out to find her – but he might not like what he finds.

One for our best Apple TV Plus shows list? Potentially. The Changeling won over critics pre-release, but it's unclear if audiences will feel the same way about it. The first three episodes are out now, with new entries releasing weekly.

Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4 (Paramount Plus)

It's time to reunite with the low-ranking crew of the USS Cerritos. Season 4 of Star Trek's hit adult animated series debuts on Paramount Plus this weekend, and fans are eager to see what adventures lie in store for Becker, Brad, and company this time around.

Without spoiling too much from season 3, Lower Decks' latest 10-episode installment should pick up events from last season's finale. That includes the addition of new character T'Lyn to the Cerritos' ranks and the fate of Rutherford's original implant, which was lost in the Kalla system. Expect Lower Decks' fourth outing to cement its place as one of the best Paramount Plus shows of recent times. The first two episodes are available now, with new episodes airing weekly.

Virgin River season 5 part 1 (Netflix)

The latest Netflix Original TV show to receive the two-part treatment, Virgin River season 5's first batch of episodes are out now on the streaming giant.

According to Netflix, the drama series' fifth entry will see "surprising new relationships, a shocking break-up, a difficult court trial, a heartbreaking goodbye, and a wildfire that threatens the town". Expect all that and more to make some Virgin River-dwelling folk rally together and force others apart.

Surprisingly, Virgin River season 5's first 10 episodes were released together on launch day (September 7), with the final two installments set to arrive on November 30. No, we don't know why it's been split that way, either.

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