7 signs she’s faking it

7 signs she's faking it
7 signs she's faking it

You both climax at the same time

It’s what we all want, but is it real to expect to climax at the same time? Even though hot couples seem to come in unison in the movies, in real life the answer is a definitive no. Human bodies just don’t work like that. Research suggests that men tend to come first during intercourse, whilst women can take up to 15 minutes to reach that same pillow-biting point of orgasm. So, if you and your girl seem to come at exactly the same time frequently, it’s a strong sign that she’s faking it.

Her chest isn’t splotchy and red

Have you ever noticed how your girlfriend’s chest goes splotchy and red during sex? No? Ah, then my friend we have bad news – she’s been faking it with you. During sex her body goes through changes just like yours and just before she reaches orgasm blood rushes to her chest and her genitals. For most women this rush of blood makes their chests splotchy and red. It can look a little bit like a rash, which doesn’t sound all that attractive, but those red marks signal to you that she’s reached orgasm and she’s not a faker. Remember though that not all women go through this process, which is called vasocongestion. It thought that 30-50 per cent never show these rash-like symptoms.

Her eyes haven’t changed

Now you may think that when you have a naked girl in your bed the last thing you want to look at is her eyes – surely you stared into those enough on the date? Yet, if you want to make sure that she isn’t faking it with you then her eyes are the perfect place to look. If she’s aroused and building up to orgasm then her pupils will dilate, becoming bigger than normal. Before you begin having sex make sure you take a look at the size of her pupils and keep checking them during sex. This might be easier if you lie on your back and she goes on top of you in the cowgirl position.


As her moaning escalates, take note of how it feels. Does anything change? Just before or during orgasm your girl’s vaginal walls will contract. This contraction will be regular and it is thought that the walls pulse every eight-tenths of a second. You should be able to feel this change and if you want to know if she’s faking or not it’s the perfect test because these contractions are pretty much impossible to fake. Yet, the strength of women’s contractions and the amount they contract varies so don’t assume all women will feel the same.

Where’s her clitoris gone?

Even though you’re known for misplacing things, you’re sure you would never misplace that, so where on earth has her clitoris gone? It turns out that on the journey towards orgasm as you turn her on a woman’s clitoris retracts inside her hood. This happens during the stage of sex called the plateau. If you want to know if she’s going to fake it or not put your hand where you think her clitoris should be in the guise of giving her a helping hand. If you can feel it and she then “comes” it might be a sign she’s faking.

She comes every time

Even if you are the greatest guy in bed of all time, most women won’t come every time. No matter what positions you try, or how long you go for, it sometimes just doesn’t happen for women. Stress, emotional upset or their feelings towards you all affect a woman’s ability to come and there will come a point when she doesn’t orgasm. So, if your girl comes every time you know that she’s faking it. She may not fake it every time, yet if she has never not come once she’s slept with you then chances are she’s faked it at least once.

She’s uptight

You know that post-sex feeling when you feel ridiculously relaxed and drowsy? Even if a fire broke out in your bedroom you probably wouldn’t shift. Well, after sex if your girl has come she’ll feel relaxed as well and her muscles will relax in the same way that yours do. So, to see if she’s faking it or if she’s telling the truth watch her post-sex to see if she’s flopped out in the bed or if she’s uptight and stiff. If she looks content and laidback it’s a sign she did come, but if she’s as rigid as an ironing board chances are she faked it. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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