Up to 750 attendees allowed at live performances with COVID-19 testing from 24 April

Concert stage lights
Concert stage lights. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — Up to 750 attendees are allowed at live performances at designated venues from 24 April, provided pre-event testing is implemented, said Education Minister Lawrence Wong on Wednesday (24 March).

Wong made the announcement at a COVID-19 multi-ministry taskforce conference, the first to be held in two months.

Live performances with no pre-event testing implemented will be capped at 250 attendees. Updated guidelines on audience management at live performance will be released by The National Arts Council.

In addition, business-to-business events being piloted and approved by the Singapore Tourism Board are allowed to have up to 750 attendees from 24 April, in zones of no more than 50 attendees each if pre-event testing is implemented. Currently, such events may have up to 250 attendees, in zones of no more than 50 attendees each.

Sporting events, currently being piloted and approved by SportSG, will be allowed to have up to 750 spectators if they implement pre-event testing, or to have up to 250 spectators without testing. Further details will be released by SportSG.

Individuals who have completed a full vaccination regimen at least two weeks prior to the event can participate in such events, without the need for pre-event testing.

Wong, who is also the taskforce co-chair, said that broader guidelines would be made for vaccinated persons, apart from exempting them from pre-event testing procedures.

"The evidence around the world shows that the vaccination can help not just to protect yourself, but also reduce transmission risk, so we will look at what the guidelines are for vaccinated persons with regard to social activities, interactions as well as for travel," said Wong.

"It's still work in progress, we are not able to share anything at this present time, but clearly the direction is towards more flexibilities for those who are vaccinated."

Separately, from 24 April, the number of people who are allowed to bid farewell to loved ones at wakes and funerals on the day of the burial or cremation will be increased from 30 to 50 persons at any one time. The cap for other days of the wake remains at 30 attendees at any one time.

As pre-event testing is not required and there could be a large number of persons visiting over the course of the wake and funeral to pay their last respects, attendees should maintain safe distancing and keep masks on at all times to reduce the risk of spread.

"Don't get too excited that things are under control and then we can quickly open up everything. I think that will be rash and that can easily undo all the good things that we have achieved so far," said Wong.

On retaining the cap of eight persons for social gatherings, Health Minister and co-chair Gan Kim Yong said any adjustment to the number would have "a very broad base impact on the whole" and will cause the risk of transmission to go up "significantly".

"But I assure you that we are looking at this constantly...when we are confident that it will not create problems with transmissions, we will do the necessary adjustments, and we will make the appropriate announcement at the right time," he added.

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