‘9-1-1’ Episode 9 Recap: Is Bobby Nash Leaving?

Note: This story contains spoilers from “9-1-1” Season 7, Episode 9.

“9-1-1” might be getting ready to say goodbye to one of its beloved firefighters in the Season 7 finale — whether by retirement or worse.

Thursday’s new episode, titled “Ashes, Ashes,” followed as Capt. Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) secretly submitted his resignation from Station 118 right after the team was honored for their bravery during the cruise ship disaster at the start of the season. The decision stemmed from his guilt after learning that traveling nurse Amir (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) was a survivor from the building fire Bobby caused decades ago that also claimed the lives of his family.

After spending most of the episode saying quiet goodbyes, a tragedy ensues that leaves Bobby’s fate in the balance.

Season 7’s penultimate episode kicked off with the celebration of the 118, which saw the firefighters involved in the cruise ship rescue — including Buck’s (Oliver Stark) new love interest Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) — receiving medals for their bravery during the disaster. After Bobby received his own medal for mentoring the team, Athena (Angela Bassett) noticed Bobby speaking with the fire chief away from the crowds. Later, he told her that he had given him his resignation.

The fire chief asked him to keep it under wraps for now, so as to avoid the PR nightmare of quitting right after receiving a big honor.

Bobby was getting ready to say goodbye as a sequence of emergencies saw him delegating responsibilities to his fellow team members. Viewers also got a tender moment between him and Buck, in which Bobby complimented how much Buck has grown in the seven years he’s been at the firehouse — and Bobby also gave his blessing on Buck’s new relationship.

Suspecting there was more under the surface of Bobby’s actions, Athena reached out to Amir in an effort to bring him and Bobby together to mend fences. She invited him to their home, but once Bobby got home, Amir met him with more animosity. This led to a heated conversation between Bobby and Athena, as she expressed fear that Bobby was saying his goodbyes before giving up and potentially ending his own life — as he had considered doing in the past. Bobby seemed to ease her fears, but didn’t fully deny her concerns.

Later, Bobby had a conversation with his late father in a dream, confronting his guilt over not saving him as a child. The dream was interrupted when Bobby woke up to a fire kicking off at his house. He rushed to find an unconscious Athena in their bedroom and managed to take both of them to safety just as firefighters arrived to help. But as he watched his home go up in flames, Bobby grabbed onto his chest and collapsed. The episode ended with the firefighters rushing to assist him and hopefully save his life.

The “9-1-1” Season 7 finale airs Thursday, May 30, on ABC. Past episodes are available to stream on Hulu.

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