‘9-1-1’ Stars Raise Funds for Late Crew Member’s Family

Stars of the ABC series “9-1-1” are helping raise funds for the family of Rico Priem, a veteran grip who died in a car accident Saturday morning after working 14 hours on location for the first-responder show.

So far more than $46,000 has been raised, well above the set goal of $25,000.

Peter Krause, who plays Captain Bobby Nash, donated $2500 while Kenneth Choi (Howie “Chimney” Han) and Aisha Hinds (Henrietta “Hen” Wilson) each gave $1000. More than 550 people have donated, some anonymously.

Priem’s nephew, Tim Moriarty, organized the fundraiser. “Rico was an absolute legend in the film and motion picture industry,” Moriarty wrote on the GoFundMe page, noting that Priem worked “30 years in the business with over 75,000 hours under his belt.”

Moriarty continued, “Many have told me he was hands down the best in the business at his job. He always made sure to take care of all of his crew members, as well as connect with everyone that was working around him on set. He could tell you stories for days, and his connection ran so deep with all of the people’s heart he has touched!”

He added that Prime had “a heart of gold and a work ethic as strong as a rock.” Priem had already filed paperwork for his retirement.

Angela Bassett, who plays Sgt. Athena Grant on the series, told E.T. on Thursday, “The studio, ‘9-1-1’, we all extend our deepest condolences to his friends to his family. It was just a very, very sad moment. We’re all rocked by it, certainly.”

She told the outlet that the cast and crew came together to remember Priem on the set. “We just had to take a moment, just take time and take a moment. We thought it was important to come together and have whatever bit of service and offer whatever we can do to his family, ’cause we know that we’ll miss him, but we know they will miss him even more.”

Bassett said this was the first death experienced by the cast and crew in the show’s seven seasons.

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