9 Casualty spoilers for next week

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9 huge Casualty spoilers for next weekBBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Casualty isn't on tonight (May 13) due to Eurovision 2023, but don't worry, as it'll be back in no time.

Next Saturday's episode (May 20) will see Jodie’s night out turns into a nightmare, while Faith is given bad news and Ryan grows frustrated over Max's treatment of him.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Jodie is spiked

jodie whyte, casualty

Jodie is at a bar waiting for Rida, who is stuck at the ED.

She gets some unwanted attention from a group of rowdy lads and later accepts a drink from Noah, who claims he has been jilted by his online date.

When Noah invites a seemingly inebriated Jodie to go back to his place, she starts to sense danger.

2. Faith gets devastating news

faith cadogan, casualty

Faith is crestfallen to find out, via a letter, that the police are taking no further action in her sexual assault case, citing a lack of evidence.

She reaches for her drugs in her locker but is interrupted by Cam – a patient who has chest pains – and is forced to leave them where they are.

3. Ian has a proposition for Faith

iain dean, casualty

Faith tries to get back to her locker for the drugs but is interrupted by Iain this time.

Unaware of the news she's had, Iain excitedly asks Faith to go Paris with him.

Flustered, Faith turns him down and leaves, leaving Iain confused – until he finds the police letter in the bin.

4. Rida saves Jodie

rida amaan, casualty

Jodie makes it to the pub toilets to compose herself, where she tries and fails to send an SOS message to Rida.

She scrambles out of the club, but Noah follows her and bundles her into his car.

A panicked Jodie manages to send her location to Rida, but Noah realises what she's doing and throws her phone out of the window.

When they’re held up by roadworks, Rida is able to come to Jodie’s rescue.

5. Faith deals with a difficult situation

faith cadogan, cameron mickelthwaite , casualty

In the ED, Rida grabs Faith and asks for her help – Jodie may have been spiked.

A concerned Faith tends to Jodie and agrees to Rida’s request that this be kept a secret.

However, the memory of Faith’s own experience lingers and she tells Jodie that it will be his word against hers.

Jodie asks Faith if she believes her, and Faith says she does. Emboldened, Jodie decides to report what's happened to the police – she's not ashamed.

6. Jodie tells Rida the truth

jodie whyte, casualty

An irate Max uncovers Jodie in the cubicle with Rida and berates her – wrongly assuming she is drunk.

Rida is horrified by his behaviour and vows to make a formal complaint to HR.

Wanting to stop her, Jodie tells Rida that Max is her dad.

7. Max torments Ryan

max , casualty

Eager to prove himself,Ryan offers his services to Max, who is treating a partial amputation.Max rebuffs Ryan's offer and tells him to stand in the corner and watch.

Ryan sees another serious case entering Resus and spots a chance shine when he realises the patient has signs of meningitis.

Despite his impressive finding, Ryan is met with rejection when he approaches Max and is warned not to go near Resus again.

8. Ryan spreads a rumour

ryan firth, casualty

Ryan blames Jodie for getting him banned from Resus.

Having previously gotten the wrong end of the stick, Ryan implies to Cam that she’s having a secret fling with Max and that’s why the rest of them can’t get a look in.

9. Teddy contemplates his love life

paige, teddy, casualty

Teddy speaks to Sah about whether to ask Paige out.

Following Sah’s advice Teddy decides to ask out Zoe from the canteen instead but is thrown when Paige asks him out on a date as well.

After a day of crossed wires, Teddy admits to Paige that he wanted to ask her out before Zoe anyway. Can they make amends?

Casualty airs on Saturdays on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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