A Mason Jar Valentine for a Broken Heart


Valentine’s Day is all hearts and roses, until you find yourself in an argument or going through a tough patch with your loved one. It can put a real damper on the day - let’s face it, everyone just wants to feel loved on February 14th.

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Maybe the best way to lighten up a heavy situation is with some homemade lovin’, that shows the one you love everything will be alright.

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They say never go to bed angry, so why not stay up 20 minutes longer and craft a sweet way to mend things. All you need is a mason jar and the contents of your sewing kit, and you’re sure to go to sleep feeling better about things.

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  • Mason jar

  • Cloth heart

  • Ribbon

  • Tag

  • Safety pins

  • Small scissors

  • Buttons

  • Thread

  • Iron-on patch

  • Stitch Witch fusible tape

  • Sewing needles

  • Shoe lace


  • Scissors

  • Marker


1. Put all your “mending kit” items into the jar, screw on the lid.

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2. Cut heart in two and fray the edges a little by pulling on the threads.

3. Safety pin the heart back together.

4. Snip a small slit on either side of the heart, insert one end of ribbon into slit from behind the heart and tie a knot to secure it from slipping back through.

5. Wrap the ribbon around the lid and pass it through the other side of the heart, through the slit from behind again, tie a knot, and trim the excess ribbon


6. Write the message “We Can Mend It” on the tag and hang it from the heart.


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