Aaron Judge Plays With His Dog Gus At Yankee Stadium In 'All-Time Cute' Moment

Aaron Judge’s dog Gus can’t play baseball like his owner, but does it matter when you’re this cute?

Watch Gus get some love from the New York Yankees slugger, refuse to fetch and then gladly run with him at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday:

“That’s just all-time cute there,” Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay said as the YES Network captured them at play.

When Judge was weighing whether to stay with the Bronx Bombers after hitting an American League record 62 home runs last season, teammate Anthony Rizzo urged him not to break up the friendship of another Judge dachshund, Penny, and Rizzo’s dachshund, Kevin.

“He went for my heart,” Judge told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” after signing a $360 million contract to stay with the team.