Aaron Kwok hit with costly dowry

Nor Azliany Mohamad
Aaron Kwok hit with costly dowry

16 May – Hong Kong singer and actor Aaron Kwok has fallen out with his future mother-in-law ahead of his wedding to model and actress Lynn Xiong (Lynn Hung Dai Lam) at the end of the year, according to QQ.com via May Daily.

The argument was reportedly over money.

Insiders revealed that Lynn's mother demanded more than the HK$800,000 (SG$ 128,050) from Aaron, 46, as dowry.

The skinflint Aaron is no doubt being reminded of the huge dowries paid by other Hong Kong celebrities.

Former beauty queen Michelle Reis was given one of the fattest dowries in recent memory, a reported HK$10 million (SG$ 1.6 million) by husband Julian Hui.

When Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi secretly married in 2006, Ronald reportedly offered HK$5 million (SG$ 800,000) to Charlene's mum, who spent the money buying property.

The source also notes that Miriam Yeung's family got one of the lowest known celebrity dowries ever - HK$ 990,000 (SG$ 158,462) - when the singer wed Real Ting, who works at a PR company.