The Acolyte fans share same ‘disappointment’ over episode 1 shock

Viewers of The Acolyte are all making the same complaint after sitting down to watch the first episode.

The latest Star Wars spin-off series started on Tuesday (4 June), with the first two episodes being added to Disney+.

Set approximately 100 years before the unfairly maligned Phantom Menace (1999), the series follows a respected Jedi Master who discovers sinister forces while investigating a series of crimes that bring him into contact with a former Padawan learner.

The show’s cast includes Amandla Stenberg, Charlie Barnett, Dafne Keen and Squid Game’s Lee Jung-ja – but many were excited to watch the show because of the inclusion of Carrie-Ann Moss.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

However, those tuning in to The Acolyte were left disappointed just five minutes into the first episode.

Moss is introduced in the series as Master Indara, a character positioned as one that viewers will be following throughout the series.

But the opening scene of the show, which sees her duelling with Stenberg’s assassin Mae, results in the death of Moss’s character, a twist that has hugely divided viewers.

While many criticised Disney for hiring Moss and putting her front and centre of the show’s promotional materials, it’s been pointed out that Moss will probably continue to appear in the series via flashbacks.

Still, many were left somewhat disappointed by the twist as they were expecting Moss to be a major player in the season.

Carrie-Ann Moss in ‘The Acolyte’ (Disney+)
Carrie-Ann Moss in ‘The Acolyte’ (Disney+)

“So…just so I’m clear…Carrie Ann Moss features PROMINENTLY in the teasers and commercials for The Acolyte, and she’s just dead in the first two minutes of the show,” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “They did NOT just kill off Carrie Ann Moss in the first five minutes, did they? I need more Trinity than that.”

An additional viewer wrote on X/Twitter: “All that hype and promise to kill off Carrie Anne Moss within seven minutes?! WTAF. What an incredible letdown,” with one more stating: “I was *very* disappointed Carrie-Anne Moss had so little screen time, when her appearance was hyped so much. She was the big reason I was looking forward to this show, & a massive let down she was killed off so quickly, AND so easily.”

Others were left energised by the moment, though, as it immediately set The Acolyte up as something more unexpected than the other Star Wars shows to have come before.

The Acolyte is available to stream on Disney+.