‘The Acolyte’ Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Come Out?

“The Acolyte” is taking fans of Star Wars and the galaxy far, far away to the High Republic era. Set 100 years before “The Phantom Menace,” the series shows the Jedi at the height of their power and influence just as a string of murdered masters pop up. It’s up to a Jedi with connections to the case and his team to uncover what’s happening and who’s behind it.

Here’s everything you need to know about where and when to watch “The Acolyte” Season 1.

When does “The Acolyte” Season 1 come out?

The Star Wars series premieres Tuesday, June 4 on Disney+.

Is “The Acolyte” streaming?

Yes, “The Acolyte” is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

Are episodes released weekly or all at once?

The series premieres with Episodes 1 and 2 together on June 4 but will release weekly through the eight-episode run until the finale on July 16. Here’s the full rundown:

  • Episode 1 – June 4

  • Episode 2 – June 4

  • Episode 3 – June 11

  • Episode 4 – June 18

  • Episode 5 – June 25

  • Episode 6 – July 2

  • Episode 7 – July 9

  • Episode 8 – July 16

What is “The Acolyte” about?

“The Acolyte” takes place in the High Republic era – 100 years before “The Phantom Menace” to be exact – and follows a Jedi Master and his team investigating the murder of Jedi across the galaxy and the personal connection it has to him. Here’s the official logline:

“An investigation into a shocking crime spree pits a respected Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) against a dangerous warrior from his past (Amandla Stenberg). As more clues emerge, they travel down a dark path where sinister forces reveal all is not what it seems.”

Who’s in “The Acolyte” cast?

“The Acolyte’s cast includes “Squid Games” star Lee Jung-jae, “Hunger Games” alum Amandla Stenberg, “Logan” star Dafne Keen, and “Russian Doll’s” Charlie Barnett.

The cast also includes Carrie-Anne Moss, Jodie Turner-Smith, Rebecca Henderson, Joonas Suotamo, and Dean-Charles Chapman.

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