Actress Julie Tan shaved her head for upcoming film role in Good Goodbye, wore wig in public to avoid it being leaked

The Singapore actress will be playing a medical social worker who is stricken by cancer in the film Good Goodbye.

Julie Tan goes bald for new movie role. (Screengrab: mm2 Entertainment)
Julie Tan goes bald for new movie role. (Screengrab: mm2 Entertainment)

Local actress Julie Tan bade goodbye to her locks as she shaved her head to play a cancer-stricken medical social worker in the upcoming film Good Goodbye.

The reveal was made on Tuesday (28 November), when a video of her getting her new hairdo was released by mm2 Entertainment.

Speaking to 8world, the 31-year-old said it wasn’t a sacrifice and that she was fulfilling the basic responsibility of an actor. Tan said she was aware that she had to shave her head for the role, but she jumped at it because she felt such an opportunity only comes once in a blue moon.

She said, “Why would I not want such a good opportunity to shave my head? I’ve always felt that my image was that of the girl next door, but now there’s a role that allows me to show my bald head on the silver screen. It really is hard to come by.”

The actress, who has traditionally appeared with long hair, admitted that she was happy to shave her head and wouldn't miss her locks.

“My personality is one where I can let things go. For me, there is nothing to miss in this world. Life isn’t that long, but it isn’t short either. The most important thing is to cherish every moment and be happy. That's my definition of life,” she added.

The makeover was done on 12 November, but to avoid the new look being leaked, Tan wore a wig whenever she headed out.

So if you’ve seen her around recently, well, now you know.

However, with the official reveal, Tan will now be going au naturale.

“After the new look has been revealed, I shouldn’t be wearing a wig when I head out. Everyone can now see my bald look in public,” she said to 8world.

Tan also confessed that she really likes her bald look, and can “completely accept myself without hair”.

She shared, “Shaving my hair made me feel more like the original Julie Tan, and I felt at ease.”

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