Actress Yui Aragaki to marry co-star Gen Hoshino

Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino turned their “marriage as a job” into reality. (Photo: Twitter/nigehaji_tbs)
Yui Aragaki and Gen Hoshino in Japanese drama We Married As a Job. The two actors are now going to marry in real life. (Photo: Twitter/nigehaji_tbs)

Last October, Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara announced her sudden marriage to her non-celebrity boyfriend. Fans then still had fellow actress Yui Aragaki. But this is no longer the case, as Aragaki announced on her official website on Wednesday (19 May) that she will be tying the knot with singer-actor Gen Hoshino.

Aragaki, 32, wrote, “I, Yui Aragaki, will be marrying Gen Hoshino. I have been working in this industry since I was a teenager. With the support of so many people, I have been able to continue my activities till now. While the days of trial and error during filming are exciting, I have been looking for a relatively peaceful time in my private life.”

The actress added that she was very pleased to be able to make such a report about her private life to everyone, who had always watched over her. Aragaki also hoped that she could continue with nothing changed, and live a modest and rich life.

Aragaki co-starred with Gen Hoshino in Japanese romance TV series We Married As A Job in 2016. Their chemistry in the show had led many fans to “ship” the couple. With the two actors turning their “marriage as a job” into reality, these fans are happily surprised to finally have their wish come true.

Aragaki is very popular in China too, having been dubbed "The Nation's Wife" by fans. Some heartbroken Chinese fans commented on Weibo:

“I lost my youth.”

“My whole timeline is heartbroken.”

“Oh my god, my other wife is married too.”

“I lost another wife.”

Along with her marriage announcement, Aragaki notified that she had terminated her contract with her management company LesPros Entertainment, and would be working as an individual. For the time being, she would continue her management contract partially, and with their support, she would carefully build her own style.

LesPros Entertainment also clarified that their exclusive management contract with Aragaki had ended, and they would continue to support some parts of the management contract. Aragaki’s fan club site will also be closed by the end of this year, and her future information will be available on LesPros Entertainment's Twitter.

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