Adele axes self-imposed booze ban: ‘I’m ready to start again because it’s my break!’

Adele is ending her self-imposed alcohol ban.

The ‘Chasing Pavements’ singer, 35, has been four months sober as part of her ongoing diet and lifestyle overhaul that has seen her lose seven stone, but says she is planning to toast wrapping up the second leg of her residency at The Colosseum Caesar Palace in Las Vegas with an expensive wine, even though it gives her shocking headaches.

According to The Sun, the mum-of-one told fans in Sin City about being annoyed she will have to delay her celebration as she’s ill: “I’m just going to chill. I’m annoyed as well that I’m sick because this is red wine weather.

“I stopped drinking, but obviously now I’m ready to start again because it is my break.

“And I can’t drink red wine ever when I’m singing because I don’t know about you, but red wine f**** me up. I cannot handle it.

“I’m a white wine girl, but not straight. But I can’t eat white wine anymore.

“I’m 35 going on 85. I have to have half and half. Half sparkling water and half white wine with ice.

“And I still get f*****. But a glass of red wine tips me over the edge. I have the worst hangover, my whole mouth and tongue turns red.

“I look like a disaster and it just gets rid of my voice. So I was planning on drinking a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape this week, but now I can’t because I am sick.”

Adele, who has 11-year-old son Angelo with her ex-husband Simon Konecki, 49, is suffering from a chesty cold, fever and illness.

Last month she told her fans about her boozing: “I was literally borderline alcoholic for quite a lot of my twenties, but I miss it so much. I cut out caffeine.”

She added to a fan who had been drinking all day: “So enjoy your whiskey sour. I’m very, very jealous.”