Age doesn't define me, says Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci refuses to be defined by her age.

The 77-year-old actress has urged other women of a similar age to not "count yourself out".

Susan told PEOPLE: "No matter what her career is … don't count yourself out. Don't assume the worst. Keep on being you."

The actress explained that she's drawn lots of inspiration from her mother, Jeanette Lucci, who died in June 2021.

She shared: "I remember when I turned 60. I called my mother. I was having a lot of trouble with that particular number, and I called my mother and I said, ‘Mom, how did you deal with it? And how are you dealing with now?’ … And there was a little pause on the other end and she said, ‘Well, I just don't think about it.’ And I thought, you know what? That is the best answer anyone could give me."

Susan now refuses to be labelled or pigeonholed because of her age.

She said: "Don't put any labels on yourself. Don't let the number define you."

Meanwhile, Susan previously revealed that she wants to make the most of every opportunity she gets.

The veteran star told "I’ve always been a very grateful person, but now I’m not going to squander one moment. I’m not going to postpone joy. I’m going to look for the laugh and look for every way to enjoy this precious gift of life that I have."

Susan is famed for her age-defying looks - but the actress insisted that there's no real secret to her appearance.

She said: "I probably do a lot of the same things that we all do.

"I will say that we all get a certain gene pool, and I was really lucky. Both my parents had really great skin."