AI news - latest: ChatGPT blocked in Italy amid fears over dangers of artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence systems are being hit by new fears and increased scrutiny as they gain new powers.

Italy has banned ChatGPT and popular AI image generator Midjourney has had to switch off free access because of abuse of its platform.

Those latest issues come after a range of experts – including Elon Musk – urged AI companies to pause development on new systems for six months. That time should be used to ensure that existing systems are safe to use and that new ones do not endanger the public.

While artificial intelligence has been a major topic of research for years, new capabilities meant that it has shot into the mainstream, especially after the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last year.

Those new and surprising capabilities have led to much excitement about how the technology might change the world for the better. But they have also brought worries about misinformation and lost jobs.

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