Alex Gonzalez's Secret to Success: Adding Tangible Value to Lives of Others

Alex Gonzalez is a financial markets advisor and mentor who shares his differentiated style of trading with aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Belonging to a first-generation American family, Alex Gonzalez grew up knowing that the road to success was steeped in hard work. Since his parents had migrated to America from their native place, they had to work hard to earn their bread and butter and put a roof above their heads. Following in their footsteps, Alex too started working equally hard at a young age, only to realize that such a high-stress job and the income generated from it was not just detrimental for the overall wellbeing but also insufficient to provide him the desired standard of living.

The secret sauce of success

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Alex Gonzalez did not give up easily on his demanding workplace and continued to fulfil its demands till he had saved enough to start his own business. “Growing up, I remember seeing my parents commit 100% to anything they did and whatever was started had to be finished. So, when I was presented my first job at the age of 15 at Dunkin Donuts, I gave my 100%, occasionally even working overtime. At that time, I thought this was the way to achieve my dreams. I quickly realized that no matter how hard I worked, I would not be able to afford the lifestyle I wanted,” recollects Alex. Soon, he started his rental arbitrage business along with a partner. Fortunately, the business worked well to attract the eyes of ambitious businesses that were ready to pay on top of the market price to buy it out. From there on, started the next journey of Alex Gonzalez, where he deep-dived to understand the financial markets and started to trade currencies. Not that easy as it sounds, Alex had to undergo high ups and deep lows to learn the tricks of the trade. But when efforts and perseverance come together, results are mostly positive and profitable. The case of Alex was no different. Today, he leads a debt-free lifestyle with the autonomy to work from anywhere without stress.

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Currently, Alex runs a live mentorship where he tells people what to buy and sell on the markets every day of the week from 6 am to 9 am [A2] the next day. “My style of trading is very different. I am a swing trader, which means I am on the higher time frames looking for bigger moves for a bigger return,” Alex explains.