Alfa Romeo teases 6C supercar taillight

Alfa Romeo's latest reboot takes its next steps this year with the arrival of the refreshed Giulia and Stelvio to the U.S. market, and the debut of the new Tonale. The Italians primed the pump with an Instagram video celebrating 2022 and asking if we're ready for 2023. At the end of the vid, Alfa Romeo answers its own question with, "We Are." And as it's clear to see, the first "e" is a brand new font we've not seen Alfa use before. Everyone expects this is a taillight from the supercar that brand chief Jean-Philippe Imperato starting hinting about last year, intel coalescing around the name 6C. If that ends up being the name, the new supercar would complete the trilogy of 2007's 8C and 2015's 4C.






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If Evo can be believed, the 6C will borrow much of its tech spec from the Maserati MC20. Even more unexpected, Evo says Alfa Romeo will advertise the halo as a bridge between its internal combustion era and its electric era, so the supercar will be offered with ICE and EV powertrains. An electric MC20 is on the way, so the plan won't be a tough jump. The most unexpected bit is when Evo says the Alfa Romeo supercar will use Maserati's in-house Nettuno V6 designed for the MC20, whereas most believe Alfa plans to go with the 2.9-liter V6 used throughout its lineup and in other halos like the Giula GTA/Am. If Evo is correct, this is sounding like another 8C, that car based on the Maserati GranTurismo and using Maserati's Ferrari-based engine of the time.

It's a bit of a challenge to reconcile Evo's report with some aspects of what Imperato said in an interview with Autocar. The honcho told Autocar, "It’s 1969 [the Spider] since the last time Alfa Romeo was stamped on a chassis" and it would be "a cool thing" to see again under his watch. We don't envision that happening to the Dallara carbon fiber monocoque chassis designed for the MC20. Imperato also said the automaker's still fine tuning the business case and that "the positioning is ongoing." If Alfa Romeo were nabbing the $260,000 MC20 practically wholesale, the only positions are super spendy supercar and wildly spendy supercar. Lastly, the all-electric MC20 Folgore isn't expected until 2024, the Alfa supercar at the end of 2023. It's hardly believable Alfa Romeo would be allowed to electrify that chassis before Maserati had a chance to get it out and crow about it.

Whatever Alfa's new halo ends up being, Imperarto said he'd like to tell the world about it in March. 

Back with the regular range, Autocar said that from this year, every year that Alfa posts good numbers will unlock the ability to introduce a new model on top of the ones already planned through 2027. The current product plan includes the crossover below the Tonale in 2024, otherwise known as Alfa's version of the European-market Jeep Avenger, as well as a larger SUV thought to replace the Stelvio in 2026. and a new-generation Giulia in 2025. For the boss, annual success means the chance to please Alfisti with products like a new Spider or Duetto — although they'd be all-electric.

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