Amazon Luna expands to Canada, Germany and the UK

It's the platform's first expansion since launch.

A year after first launching in the US, Amazon Luna is expanding to three new regions. Starting today, the cloud gaming service is available in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. The expansion marks the first Amazon customers outside of the US have had a chance to try Luna. If you’re a Prime subscriber, the company offers a handful of complimentary games every month. The March lineup features four games, including Megaman 11 and Trails from Zero.

You can access more of the Luna library by subscribing to bundles Amazon calls “Channels.” For instance, the Luna+ channel comes with games like Control, Street Fighter II and Tetris Effect. Pricing varies by market, but in Canada for example, Luna+ costs $13 per month.

There’s also a Ubisoft+ channel that comes with access to all of the publisher’s most popular games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion and Rainbox Six Extraction. If you already own some of Ubisoft’s games on PC, you can play those games on Luna provided you have an Amazon Prime or Luna+ subscription.

Notably, today’s announcement sees Luna expanding to three markets where Stadia was available before it was unceremoniously shut down by Google at the start of the year. Judging by the fact Amazon recently removed 53 games from the Luna+ library, the service hasn’t exactly been a homerun for the retail giant, but an expansion is a move in the right direction.