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Amazon sale brings Kindle Scribe models down to new lows

Every model is 17 percent off right now.


If you've been curious about trying the Kindle Scribe, Amazon's first e-ink tablet, now might be a good time to consider the leap. Every model of the Amazon Kindle Scribe is currently 17 percent off for Prime subscribers — the biggest sale we've seen on them yet. This price drop brings Kindle Scribe 16GB with a Basic Pen (the cheapest option) down from $340 to $283.

The e-ink tablet lets you add sticky notes throughout your favorite books with four different brush styles and write on a plain, grid or lined paper. You can also connect Microsoft Word or download a PDF to mark up. There are barely, if any, latency issues as you write across different documents.

The Kindle Scribe is available in three storage sizes: 16 GB, 32GB and 64GB. Each one comes with a Premium Pen, while the cheaper 16GB option offers the choice of a Basic Pen. Both pens work for writing on the device, attach magnetically to its side and work without ever needing you to charge them. The Premium Pen has an eraser on top of it and offers a shortcut button for features like highlighting and creating sticky notes.

The 16GB with the Premium Pen is down from $370 to $307. As for the larger storage models, the 32GB Kindle Scribe is $325, down from $390 and the 64GB model is $350, down from $420. The Kindle Scribe bundles are also on sale. Starting at $323, they add a folio cover and power adapter to your purchase.

  • Amazon Kindle Scribe Sale for Prime Members

    Save $57