‘American Ninja Warrior’ Prepares to Crown New Champion in Season 15 Finale (Exclusive Video)

‘American Ninja Warrior’ Prepares to Crown New Champion in Season 15 Finale (Exclusive Video)

A new champion will be crowned on tonight’s “American Ninja Warrior” Season 15 finale.

In an exclusive clip of the epic conclusion shared with TheWrap, the NBC reality competition show looks back on the finalists who have been dreaming big from a young age, completing obstacle courses since their early adolescence.

“I’m going to be the next ‘American Ninja Warrior,'” a 12-year-old Vance Walker, who stands as one of the run-off winners, said in a flashback while a 10-year-old Nacssa Garemore says “‘Ninja’ is our life” and a 14-year old Jera Boyd tells audiences he started practicing for the show two years earlier.

“If you pick me for your show, you won’t regret it,” a 13-year-old Ethan Bartnicki said in another flashback.

Remaining contestants who advanced to Stage 3 of the national finals will compete head-to-head during the Las Vegas finale as they compete in Stage 3 and Stage 4, facing the infamous Mt. Midoriyama. While over 200 ninjas began in the competition at the onset of Season 15, only eight contestants will make it to the Stage 4 finals.

“To beat Stage 4 and Mt. Midoriyama once and for all, it would be the icing on the cake that has been my journey on ‘American Ninja Warrior,'” Daniel Gil said ahead of the finale.

In addition to Walker, Garemore, Boyd, Bartnicki and Gil, the remaining finalists include Noah Meunier, Caleb Bergstrom, Elijah Browning, Hans Hertz. RJ Roman, Austin Gray, Jonathan Bange, Enzo DeFerrari Wilson and Kyle Soderman.

“I’ve been on top of that mountain,” Roman said in the clip. “I said, ‘I’m going to get back here,’ and the next time I’m at this view, I’m going to have a million dollars.”

Once the remaining pack is narrowed down to those advancing to Stage 4, the finalists must tackle Mt. Midoriyama’s 75-foot rope climb to stand a chance at winning the title of “American Ninja Warrior” and the $1 million prize. To win the unprecedented prize, the winner must complete all four stages of the finals and become the fastest person to climb up Mt. Midoriyama.

“I don’t know what the view’s going to look like from up there, but I’m assuming it looks like heaven ’cause this is a dream come true,” Walker said.

The “American Ninja Warrior” Season 15 finale premieres Monday, Sept. 11, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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