340 million young people are going to be bored today: study

People sleep as they queue overnight for the launch of the new Apple iPhone 6s mobile phone at a mall in Singapore September 25, 2015. REUTERS/Edgar Su

Most young people on the planet are bored, and an estimated 340 million of them are going to bored at some point today.

The study conducted by MTV Asia across 26 countries reveals that as much as 97 percent of 15,000 participants aged 12 to 24 were bored, with two-thirds experiencing it on a weekly basis and nearly one-quarter daily.

The study also finds that of the 26 countries, young Malaysians are the most bored of all at 83 per cent, followed by the youth of the United Kingdom and Brazil at 79 per cent each.

Youth from Singapore followed closely behind with 78 per cent saying they were bored.

All this is despite the availability and prevalence of devices that supposedly connect the youth with a wider array of content and social media choices.

MTV's study shows that the average teenager now owns up to six connected devices, and has access to an overwhelming amoung of information. Ironically however, all this access may actually be fuelling the boredom.

Forty per cent of participants actually admitted to mindlessly browsing the Internet as one of the most boring activities they undertake, even more than school and homework.

“The results surprised us -- given this generation’s access to technology and a seemingly limitless range of content, we thought boredom might barely exist for youth,” said Kerry Taylor, the head of MTV internationally.