Ange Postecoglou insists Tottenham's late comebacks are not just a coincidence

Ange Postecoglou insists Tottenham's late comebacks are not just a coincidence

Ange Postecoglou is not surprised by Tottenham's repeated comebacks this season and says they are a result of his team's consistent style of play.

Postecoglou's Spurs have won 22 points from losing positions, second only in the top-flight to Liverpool's 26, and Saturday's 2-1 win over Luton was the fourth time in five home games they have come from a goal down to win.

Postecoglou says his previous clubs have also had a knack for recovering, and believes it comes from their commitment to his attacking principles.

"It is something that's been consistent throughout my coaching career," the head coach said ahead of Tuesday's derby against West Ham.

"If you go back right to the very start, all of my teams had that trademark of being able to turn around results or winning games late.

"When you're so committed to playing a certain way, the score almost becomes irrelevant.

"With a lot of teams, when they fall behind they have to either change their approach or find a different approach or when they're winning they maybe change their approach.

"With us whether we're winning or losing we won't change our approach. Like at the weekend [against Luton], when we concede it's not like the team are going 'what do we do now?'

"We just keep going and when there is that sort of clarity of purpose it makes it easier for the players to look for the solutions in the way we play rather than looking for something that is not a constant in our gameplan.

"I think that helps them because there is always a sense of a little anxiety or desperation particularly when it's getting late in games and you feel it in the stadium and the supporters because they all want to win and you think how do you navigate that?

"I've always felt the best way to navigate that is the clarity of his we're going to go about it and I've seen it with this group of players - there isn't that desperation when we're chasing a result.

"It's about just keep doing what we've been doing."

Spurs' last 12 goals have been scored after half-time but Postecoglou has dismissed the suggestion they are starting games slowly, particularly at home.

["Scoring late] becomes part of the process," he continued. "Invariably they'll look at the scoreboard and see 86, 87 minutes and it can get really anxious but we try and instill in them not to worry about that.

"Sometimes it gets dismissed when we've scored a lot of late goals where we're already ahead, but that's part of that process as well.

"We just keep going irrespective of the result. Even if you're winning comfortably try and score another goal rather than shore up the game. It's a by-product of everything else I try and install in the team in terms of the way we play. It's been a constant in my career."

Postecoglou tends to remain emotionless on the touchline when his side are chasing games, and he says it would not help his players if he wore his heart on his sleeve.

"It's 26 years of [experience]," he said. "If I want the players to be clear-headed in that moment, it won't help if I am jumping around and screaming my head off.

"It's not me anyway. It doesn't mean I don't internally feel the anxiety and all those kind of things, but I've learnt that over the course of my career and in those moments, I still may be needed in those moments.

"We scored [against Luton on Saturday] and made a substitution straight away and put Pierre on, if I am running down the touchline just thinking we've scored and won, I'm not helping the team. But that doesn't mean internally I'm not running. It would probably help me if I did it physically as well!

"I think again, my role in that time and it's just me. It's not I think this is the way it should be, it's just me as a person this is the best way I can deal with what is happening. I think my role in that moment is to try and help the players."