Anita Rani loves the single life

Anita Rani split from her husband in 2023 credit:Bang Showbiz
Anita Rani split from her husband in 2023 credit:Bang Showbiz

Anita Rani is loving life as a "single, Asian woman with no children".

The 46-year-old TV star split from Bhupi Rehal - her husband of 14 years - in 2023, and Antia feels she's now working from a "blank slate".

The 'Countryfile' host told Good Housekeeping magazine: "I feel like I've stepped into a place that I never, ever expected myself to be in. I'm in uncharted territory - I'm a single, Asian woman with no children, and do you know what? I love it!

"I've sort of got a blank slate in front of me, and that feels really good."

Anita has actually created her own "little sanctuary" since she became single.

The TV presenter shared: "I bought a flat about 20 years ago, which I kept for all these years, and I've moved back into it.

"When I first became single, a friend said, 'You could make your little apartment like a Parisienne dream house' - and that's exactly what I've done.

"I have lovely cream drapes and white floorboards. My bedroom is dusky pink and I've turned my spare room into a dressing room.

"Just talking about it makes me happy! It's my little sanctuary and it feels really important to have that."

Last year, Anita claimed that she was "living [her] best life" after splitting from her husband.

She told Fabulous magazine: "It’s liberating that people know that I’m single now.

"Not everything works out and things come to their natural conclusion, and that is absolutely fine.

"There’s no shame attached to being single and living your best life in your 40s.

"I want all women to know that I’m on the other side now.

"There is light, and the light is good!"