Anne Heche's estate can't pay debts

Anne Heche's estate can't pay its debts credit:Bang Showbiz
Anne Heche's estate can't pay its debts credit:Bang Showbiz

The late Anne Heche's estate is unable to pay its debts.

The 'Return to Paradise' actress passed away in August 2022 after being involved in a car accident and her son Homer Laffoon has filed court documents in his role as proprietor of her estate to declare it is "not yet in a condition to be closed" due to an inability to pay back pending charges.

Documents obtained by People magazine reported Anne's estate consists of "a modest bank account, royalty payments and other residual income from pre-death projects, a corporation in which the Decedent was the sole shareholder (used for projects in development and business functions related to Decedent’s career in the entertainment industry), an LLC membership interest related to a podcast Decedent helped create and tangible personal property items."

Some assets have already amounted to $110,000 and others are being appraised, but seven creditors have filed claims against the estate, with three seeking $2 million.

Those were filed by the couple who owned the Los Angeles house that Anne crashed into in her fatal car accident and their tenant who lost her belongings due to the crash.

In addition, Anne's former partner Thomas Jane is seeking almost $150,000.

Because creditor claims total over $6 million and the "anticipated value of the combined Inventories and Appraisals" won't reach that figure, Homer, 22, confirmed the estate wouldn't be able to pay all its debts but he is "actively engaged in attempts to negotiate appropriate settlements of the claims against the Estate."

Efforts have included "substantial meet and confer efforts with the creditors in an attempt to avoid protracted and expensive litigation," and Homer is "cautiously optimistic that the creditor claims can all be resolved fairly" and without legal action.

It had been hoped the 'Men in Trees' actress' posthumous memoir 'Call Me Anne' would bring in revenue but sales were "not strong" and its total income is expected to be less than $25,000.

Anne - who also had 15-year-old son Atlas with former partner James Tupper - was in a coma for a week after her car crashed into a house in California before being declared legally dead. She was then kept on life support for two days to prepare her body for the organ donation process.