Announcing the complete AI Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

AI — the tech that's everywhere and touching everything — keeps evolving at a pace that’s surprising even in an industry where change is just about the only constant. It’s complicated, unregulated, thrilling and unnerving all at once.

At TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, we’re dedicating a day and a stage to this galloping industry — and today we’re announcing that the AI Stage agenda is 100% complete! (Go here for the full Disrupt agenda.)

You’ll hear from heads of major companies pivoting to AI, smaller startups determined to change the status quo, skeptics questioning its ethics, and investors looking to back winners. Do we even know what winning at AI looks like yet?

The complete AI Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Big Fish, Little Pond: Can Investors Make 10-Figure AI Valuations Pay Off in Markets No One Is Sure Exist?

Everyone seems to have agreed that AI will revolutionize tech, but so far the kind of revenue and deals that would justify billion-dollar valuations are scarce. How do venture capitalists and institutional investors envision the next few years playing out — and paying out?

With Miles Grimshaw, general partner, Benchmark; Sonya Huang, partner, Sequoia Capital; and Saam Motamedi, partner, Greylock.

Stronger, Faster . . . Safer? Anthropic co-founder Dario Amodei on Letting AI Find Its Best Self

Is it possible for AI to be built ethically, to operate safely, yet remain useful and perhaps even profitable? Anthropic aims to thread this needle by moving slow and avoiding breakage — and it has raised hundreds of millions to do so. Co-founder and CEO Dario Amodei speaks about taking on the most complex software ever attempted with one hand tied behind his back.

With Dario Amodei, co-founder and CEO, Anthropic.

The Next AI Evolution Moves into Your Hands

Thousands of generative AI applications have bloomed over the past year, with large language models (LLMs) gaining the most buzz. In the next year, many of those applications will start to run on phones and PCs rather than in the public cloud. Join Qualcomm’s Alex Katouzian and partners to find out when and how generative AI will shift to devices in your hands, and what applications are likely to make the first move.

Presented by Qualcomm Incorporated.

Can AI Be Ethical?

There’s palpable excitement around AI, especially generative AI. But like many technological breakthroughs, these tools aren't perfect, and they can cause serious harm when deployed irresponsibly. Generative AI has the potential to reshape our workflows and drive innovation, yet it can also power misinformation and IP theft. Policymakers around the world are grappling with the implications of AI, as will this panel, which will explore tensions in the AI space and how they can be responsibly mitigated.

With Kathy Baxter, principal architect, Responsible AI and Tech, Salesforce, Chloe Bakalar, Chief Ethicist, Meta and Camille Crittenden, executive director, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute.

AI in the Cloud

Thomas Kurian became Google Cloud's CEO in 2019 and early in his tenure, he made a major bet on AI. Today, Google Cloud offers numerous foundation models for developers and AI-enabled tools in Google Workspace and wants to build an open ecosystem of AI partners. We'll talk to Kurian about all of this, as well as what's next for Google Cloud and AI in general.

With Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud

How AI Can Both Accelerate and Slow Down the Disinformation Economy

The threat of AI-generated disinformation, or just plain spam, is on everyone’s minds. We know language models can dish it out, but can they also hold it back? This panel will explore the risks and potential solutions as an election year looms.

With Gordon Crovitz, co-CEO, NewsGuard; and Andy Parsons, senior director, Content Authenticity Initiative, Adobe.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Robotics, AI and Self-Driving Cars

What’s happening in robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous navigation? Experts provide context and insights on a variety of fronts, including pure-play L4 and ADAS-first approaches for self-driving cars. Plus, they’ll discuss the proliferation of AI-driven development beyond the automotive field, including mining, drones and the path toward robotics automation at large.

With Vitaly Golomb, partner, Drake Star; Gary Silberg, partner and Global Automotive Sector leader, KPMG; and Vlad Voroninski, co-founder and CEO, Presented by

Lights, Camera, Algorithm! Where AI Fits into Movies, Games and Creativity

The Hollywood writers’ strike provides a timely background for this panel on how AI tools and platforms can be integrated into the creative process in filmmaking, game development, and other media.

With ​​John Spitzer, vice president of Developer and Performance Technology, Nvidia; and Tye Sheridan, co-founder and president, Wonder Dynamics.

AI Can Write Words — but Can It Understand Them?

Text-generating AI is the hot new thing in tech. But while it’s proven to be a major productivity boost for some, it’s far from perfect. Generative text AI has biases and, depending on the model, a tendency to generate toxic content — or even confidently make up facts. Our panelists will discuss these limitations and more as investments in generative AI pick up steam.

With May Habib, co-founder and CEO, Writer; and Ofir Krakowski, co-founder and CEO, Deepdub.

Winning with AI: Real-World Case Studies of AI-Powered Supply Chain and CPG Industries

Artificial Intelligence is retooling supply chains and reshaping consumer experiences. This fireside chat unveils pioneering AI case studies that showcase how industry leaders create unprecedented value by leveraging AI. Discover winning AI strategies that tackle complex operational challenges and drive competitive advantage. The future belongs to those who harness AI’s transformative potential. This session provides the roadmap you need to be an industry trailblazer.

With Binny Gill, founder and CEO, Kognitos; Jim McCullen, chief information officer, Century Supply Chain Solutions. Presented by Kognitos.

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Presented by Social Discovery Group.

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