Anthony Hopkins Oversees a Vicious Roman Colosseum in ‘Those About to Die’ | Video

Anthony Hopkins is donning the crown of Emperor Vespasian in the first trailer for “Those About to Die,” Peacock’s upcoming drama about the Roman Empire. All 10 episodes of the first season will premiere on July 18 on the streamer.

“Nothing is more important than protecting our beloved Rome,” Hopkins says in the first trailer as the emperor who reigned from 69 to 79 AD. “Our enemies in Rome are dangerous.”

The trailer then cuts between several sweeping shots of the empire before zooming in on the main event: the colosseum. As Ohana Bam’s “Make Way For the King” plays, the trailer shows a series of fighters facing off against everything from a water-flooded arena filled with alligators to a sword-wielding behemoth and a white lion.

“My son, show them you can fight. Then we will see each other again,” Cala (Sara Martins) says to her son Kwame (Moe Hashim).

Jojo Macari’s character Domitian Flavianus frames the stakes of the series more succinctly: “The moment is upon us. Kill or be killed,” he says. Watch the first trailer above.

“Those About to Die” comes from director and executive producer Roland Emmerich, who is best known for “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Independence Day,” and creator Robert Rodat, known for “Thor: The Dark World,” “The Patriot” and “Saving Private Ryan.” The series is based on Daniel P. Mannix’s nonfiction book of the same name and is set in the complex and corrupt world of ancient Rome, with special focus on the gladiatorial competition. Through an ensemble of characters from all corners of the Roman Empire, the series will explore the intersection of sports, politics and dynasties.

In addition to two-time Academy Award winner Hopkins, “Those About to Die” stars stars Iwan Rheon (“Misfits,” “Game of Thrones”), Sara Martins (“Death in Paradise”), Tom Hughes (“Victoria,” “The English”), Jojo Macari (“Masters of the Air”) and Moe Hashim (“Ted Lasso”).

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