Anya Taylor-Joy accosted by autograph-hungry fans in Cannes

Anya Taylor-Joy’s fans have leapt to her defence after a video circulated in which people are seen clamouring for her attention in Cannes.

The actor, who stars in the forthcoming Mad Max film Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, arrived in the French Riviera city on Monday (13 May) to attend the annual Cannes Film Festival.

Footage of the Queen’s Gambit star leaving the airport for her chauffeured car has angered several of her online supporters, as she is seen being “aggressively” accosted by people asking her to sign pictures.

In a video posted by TikTok user makaveli75paris, Taylor-Joy, 28, is seen walking with security staff on either side, who repeatedly try to block approaches from fans waving pens and printed pictures.

On several occasions, a man wearing a grey T-shirt is seen attempting to get close to the actor, pushing a pen forward and saying “Anya!” before being moved away by a security guard. After he is removed, however, he returns once again.

Taylor-Joy, who wears sunglasses and a large, brimmed hat in the clip, mostly ignores the fans’ calls as she makes her way to the car, but occasionally lifts her hand in a “stop” motion.

“Monsieur, s’il vous plait,” she says, asking the man to stop, while another hopeful shouts: “Anya! Anya, please!”

Eventually, Taylor-Joy reaches the car and sits inside, having removed her hat. “Sorry guys,” she says before the door closes.

Anya Taylor-Joy in Cannes (TikTok / makaveli75paris / screengrab)
Anya Taylor-Joy in Cannes (TikTok / makaveli75paris / screengrab)

On social media, people have been commenting on the uncomfortable video, with many empathising with the actor having to navigate the stressful interaction.

“This is unhinged. That guy should not be that aggressive asking for an autograph. It’s threatening,” reads one comment on X, formerly Twitter.

One person noted that celebrity signatures are often acquired in circumstances similar to these, writing: “Remember when you buy an autograph from eBay, this is what happens to your celebrity crush.”

Another commented on the main pursuer’s “luck” that he didn’t meet a worse fate than being pushed away: “He’s lucky they didn’t fold him in half.”

Writer Meecham Meriweather reposted the clip on X, and suggested that the actor update her security personnel so that people don’t get as close in the future. He wrote: “Anya Taylor-Joy baby I’m sorry but you need new security, that man was incredibly aggressive and that one lil security guard wasn’t doing NEARLY enough.”

Someone else concurred, asking: “Where’s a full group of bodyguards? She was way too accessible, the guy persuing wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

In another clip posted by the same TikTok user, Taylor-Joy is seen signing other people’s memorabilia as she moved through the airport.

The Independent has reached out to a representative of Anya Taylor-Joy for comment.