Apparently, ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot can't create a simple white image, but AI already renders architecture and graphic design jobs obsolete

 AI image generation tools can't create a plain white image.
AI image generation tools can't create a plain white image.

What you need to know

  • According to a report by a data scientist, most AI-powered image-generation tools can't create plain white images.

  • Midjourney and ChatGPT came close to creating the white image but included unnecessary elements.

  • I tried to get Copilot AI to generate the same image, but it asked me to be more descriptive, referring to my prompt as "too vague."

I constantly leverage ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot's capabilities for research, image creation, and more. That said, I can confidently say that AI-powered tools are remarkably good at performing tasks, especially when generating detailed images.

Last year, our Channel Editor, Ben Wilson, used DALL-E 3 image generation in Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) to generate his Halloween costume. Between his AI-generated Windows Phone or Xbox Series X-themed costume, I can't determine which one's better (both are pretty neat, might I add).

While we've seen people leverage AI image-generation tools to create impressive images and designs, it's daunting and seemingly impossible for most tools to create a plain white image (via BleepingComputer).

Strangely enough, I'd never thought about this till today. My presumption has always been — that if ChatGPT can develop software in under 7 minutes and Copilot AI generates free Windows keys (though with some limitations), then there's very little these tools can't do.

Cody Nash, a data scientist attempted to get DALL-E 3 to generate a plain white image using the following prompts:

  • An image that is nothing but the color white

  • An image of nothing but white white white white

  • Completely white without any additional features

  • A blank white space

  • An image of pure #FFFFFF pixels

  • A white wall

Interestingly, the tool couldn't generate the specific image without adding additional elements. And despite Nash's relentless efforts and use of specific (color-code lingo, the color #FFFFFF0 to represent a white background, the tool failed to deliver on his specific ask.

While speaking to BleepingComputer, Nash indicated:

"Good artists borrow, great artists steal. With AI, it is robbery. It is a good thing AI is getting creative early on, so when they are given orders to destroy, there's a chance they'll say no. It is not the art I was looking for, but art was found anyway."

Instead, he was furnished with the images highlighted below. Some were pretty close, though not what the doctor ordered.

DALL-E 3 can't create a plain white image
DALL-E 3 can't create a plain white image

This also applies to ChatGPT and Midjourney, per BleepingComputer's analysis.

Copilot needs me to be more descriptive about a plain white image

Copilot incapable of generating a plain white image
Copilot incapable of generating a plain white image

For good measure, I also decided to see if I could recreate BleepingComputer and Nash's findings. Strangely, Copilot informed me that I needed to be more descriptive. My "please help me create a plain white image" prompt doesn't seem to cut it.

As per the image above, the tool provided me with three suggestions:

  • Add a small watermark in the corner

  • Make it slightly off-white for better visibility

  • Change the image dimensions to 1920 x 1080

Selecting either of the first two options would automatically turn my plain white image request into something else. I decided to go with the last option hoping it would generate the plain white image since it would only change the size of the image.

Still, Copilot said:

"This prompt is too vague to generate appropriate high-quality images, Please try a longer, more descriptive prompt."

In the early days, when Microsoft had just shipped DALL-E 3 to Image Creator from Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator), the image creation process was magnificent. However, the hype and experience were short-lived after Microsoft started filtering the tool, seemingly lobotomizing it.

Interestingly, we're already at a point where AI could potentially render some professions obsolete, including architecture and graphic design jobs, in favor of tools like Image Creator from Designer and DALL-E 3.

Even NVIDIA's CEO says the future generation shouldn't consider coding a plausible career option, as AI would have taken over the category. Instead, he recommends biology, education, manufacturing, or farming as better, long-term alternatives.