Apple TV+ series ‘Severance’ gets exclusive 'innie' and 'outie' vinyl records

Fans of Apple TV+’s popular sci-fi workplace drama, “Severance,” can have their very own Lumon music-dance experience — maracas not included. Starting Wednesday, November 23, online store Mondo will have exclusive “Severance” vinyl records on sale, which contain the official soundtrack, artwork, themed packaging and other bonus merch.

Like in the show, Mondo created two variations of the vinyl -- an “innie” version and an “outie” version. Tomorrow, fans of the show can purchase “Severance” vinyl on Mondo’s record shop website.

The first version, the "Innie Edition," is $60 and includes the season one soundtrack by Theodore Shapiro and artwork by Greg Ruth. Notably, there are only 5,000 copies available of the “Innie Edition,” and it's pressed on classic black vinyl. The limited item comes with a record inside a blue concertina folder that features the Lumon logo. As a nod to the series, fans will also get a Music Dance Experience card, an Eagan bingo sheet, four character cards, a hidden map of the severed floor, a record safety card and a Lumon disco bag.

The second version, the "Outie Edition,” is priced at $35 and comes with the season one soundtrack and artwork. It doesn’t come with all the additional merch that is included in the other version. The "Outie Edition" is pressed on white vinyl, and the packaging is a brown office folder labeled “Severance.” There’s also a 3/4 reverse board slipcase featuring art of three characters from the show — Irving (played by John Turturro), Helly (Britt Lower) and the main protagonist Mark S. (Adam Scott).

Image Credits: Mondo

It’s not often that Apple TV+ has collectible merchandise for its original shows. The hit series "Severance,” starring “Parks and Rec” actor Adam Scott, has done well for the streamer. The show received 14 Emmy nominations this year. Apple is also set to release a second season, which is currently in production.

“Severance” takes place at a fictional company, Lumon, where employees have two personalities — an innie and an outie. The innie only makes an appearance in their office and has no recollection of who they are outside the workplace. The outie, on the other hand, gets to enjoy their personal life with family and friends.

Apple also published an eBook based on the series.