Apple Vision Pro Users Are Mad They Can't Watch 3D Porn

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Getty

The Apple Vision Pro launched to great fanfare last week—causing a frenzy of new users to wear the virtual reality headset while walking, driving, and even while flying a plane.

However, not everyone is happy with the $3,499 device. Shortly after launch, many users were dismayed to find that while the Vision Pro allowed them to stream movies, browse the internet, and play video games all at the same time, it lacked a crucial feature: 3D pornography.

Shortly after the device’s release, 404 Media reported that a Reddit user on the r/OculusNSFW subreddit made a post asking, “Anyone figured out porn on the Vision Pro? Dying to get this to work.” Commenters quickly chimed in explaining that the device wasn’t compatible with 3D pornography content. One user described it as a “3500$ chastity belt.”

Don’t Wear Your Apple Vision Pro While Driving, You Idiots

Similarly, users on the subreddit for the VR porn platform Sex Like Real (SLR) expressed similar issues. “With reportedly 200,000 units of [Apple Vision Pro] sold, I’m surprised this topic isn’t a bit more active at least,” one user wrote. “I’d be outraged if I paid $3500 for a VR device that can’t do SLR without extensive workaround.”

The issue lies in the fact that the Vision Pro’s native browser Safari doesn’t utilize WebXR, a crucial VR/AR program that allows for fully 3D videos and images to work. That means that if users want to get their rocks off with the Vision Pro, they’ll have to do it the old fashioned way: with boring 2D images and videos.

“We expected Sex Like Real to be functional on Apple Vision Pro’s Safari browser right from the start, like it works in Meta’s browser,” Alex Novak, the CEO of Sex Like Real, told Lifehacker, “but they completely turned off WebXR (the programming interface for accessing augmented reality and virtual reality devices) in their browser.”

This hasn’t stopped the horny weirdos from trying to find workarounds to the issue. Novak also added that his team was working to find a solution that’ll leave their users satisfied as well.

Until then, customers will have to be satisfied with their “flat” pornography. Let’s just all pray that they refrain from using the Vision Pro in public if they do.

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