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Apple's AirPods Max are back on sale for $449

The pink and space gray models are even cheaper at $429.


While the AirPods Max are Apple's most advanced headphones to date, they're also the company's most expensive. Normally priced at $549, all of the colors of the AirPods Max are on sale right now. Most of them are $100 off and down to $449, while currently the pink and the space gray models are $120 off and down to $429.

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These headphones will be most useful to Apple diehards as the combine the conveniences of the H1 chipset with remarkable audio quality and ANC. We gave them a score of 84 and found them to have excellent, balanced sound with Adaptive EQ and spatial audio support, plus ANC that's strong enough to block out most surrounding noises. They have a uniquely "Apple" design, complete with aluminum earcups and a mesh headband, and it's actually quite comfortable despite being on the heavier side. We also appreciate their reliable onboard controls: you can use the rotating crown to adjust the volume, and there's a dedicated button that switches between ANC and Transparency mode.

Inside the AirPods Max is Apple's H1 chipset, which means these headphones have all of the conveniences that the company's wireless earbuds do. They'll pair quickly with iPhones and other Apple devices, and you can switch seamlessly from taking a call on your iPhone to listening to music on your MacBook. The chip also powers hands-free Siri access, so you can ask the virtual assistant to do things for you without lifting a finger. Admittedly, they're still high-priced headphones even when on sale — you could pick up the new Sony WH-1000XM5 for less — but the AirPods Max are a good choice for those that live within the Apple ecosystem.

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