Ariel Lin quits acting?

Wessley Clinton Danker
Ariel Lin quits acting?

5 Jul – 28-year-old Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin announced on Sunday that she will not be shooting any more television drama serials for the next two to three years, and that she has no plans to release a new music album, according to a report by Channel News Asia website.

The Taiwan singer-actress, who is currently working on the idol drama "I May Not Love You," explained that she has put a lot of thinking about reducing her workload since she recovered from an operation to remove a cyst in her brain in 2009.

Lin who was worried that the heavy workload will cause a relapse, among other health problems, said "playing the lead in a television series is very tough, like life in the military."

"Lately, my strength isn't what it used to be. I still like acting, but I feel that I should pursue my dreams only as far as my health permits."

Lin added: "I also want to give my time over to important people [in my life]," pointing out that her priorities in life have changed a lot since she made her showbiz debut at 18.

However, apart from her career plans, Lin is currently dating a man named Zhen Jia Yao, also revealed that she plans to have a low key wedding, away from media interruptions.

"All these years, I have satisfied the public's expectations but on this matter (her wedding), I might have to be a little selfish," said Lin.