Arizona AG Details 'Remarkable' Way They Located Rudy Giuliani To Serve Him

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) revealed Monday how former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s penchant for podcasting and livestreaming online was key to him being served — during his 80th birthday party in Palm Beach, Florida, last week ― with an indictment over his alleged efforts to undermine the 2020 election result in the state.

Arizona Attorney General’s Office agents had “over a series of weeks” unsuccessfully tried to serve the former Donald Trump lawyer “on multiple occasions in multiple ways,” Mayes told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

“I think Rudy Giuliani knows how this works and obviously, as you know, he does a lot of podcasting. It’s pretty easy to locate and to find but he was not accepting service and was dodging our agents,” Mayes explained.

“Is that how you had to find him?” asked Collins. “Basically, you had to look at his livestreams and his podcasts to figure out where he was?”

“That’s correct,” replied Mayes.

“Wow,” said Collins.

“We found out essentially through his livestreams,” Mayes continued. “He’s not that hard to find. And so we did that and our agents professionally served him after his birthday party, as the party was winding down and as he himself was leaving the house that he was in, we gave him a copy of the papers, and he went along his way.”

Giuliani “took the papers and proceeded to his car,” said Mayes. “I think he might have been a little bit surprised. But this is a serious case, we expect him to take it seriously. We expect him to be in court tomorrow.”

Mayes dismissed Giuliani’s claims to not know he was being sought and that he’d told agents his location ahead of being served.

“He did not tell us where he was going to be except that he told the world where he was through his live cast,” said Mayes. “It’s really hard to believe that he didn’t know that we were looking for him given the number of times and the different ways we had tried.”

Collins called it “remarkable.”

Giuliani, former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and 16 others were indicted in April by an Arizona grand jury over their alleged efforts to flip Trump’s 2020 loss to President Joe Biden in the state. Giuliani was the last to be served. He is set to be arraigned Tuesday. He was also indicted in the Georgia case.