Arizona Troopers Ram Car of 'Confused' Wrong-Way Driver

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has released dashcam footage of troopers crashing into a car to stop a “confused” 81-year-old woman from driving the wrong way on a freeway in Phoenix on May 11.

The department said on May 17 that two troopers were investigating a crash when they saw the wrong-way driver on State Route 51.

“Both troopers intentionally collided with the wrong-way vehicle just north of Glendale Avenue, bringing it to a stop and effectively ending the threat to other motorists,” the department said.

The troopers and the woman were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the department said. It was determined the 81-year-old was “confused,” they said. Credit: Arizona Department of Public Safety via Storyful

Video transcript

- Code 2, wrong way.


- Can I copy code 2 for one.

- Vehicle's going south northbound, 51 from Shea, just passed us. We're going to get turned at Cactus, white Civic in the HOV lane.

- Watch that off-ramp for a Civic, white.

- I'm watching.

- 20-15, it's going over Northern now, it's still southbound in the northbound.


- Copy, going over Northern, still wrong way. One for pick.

- 10-4, I'm going to turn at Glendale. 11-44, give me a break.


- 20-50, current 20.

- Heading southbound and prior to Glendale. I just turned at Glendale, start of a break. I will ram it if need be.

- Firebird, you copy? 51 and Glendale.

- Over copy.

- 11-44.

- Pace no other traffic.


- 11-44, break started.

- 10-4, 21.

- 20-15, I'm about to go head on with it. It's going slow, HOV lane.

- 150, 10-4 21.

- 10-50 round it, I just rammed it.

- You rammed it, rammed it to them.

- 11-44, got the car stopped.

- 10-4, get into the alternative 21.

- 20-15, elderly female.

- Copy, elderly female 22.