Arsenal: Meditation key to dealing with stress of being a manager, reveals Mikel Arteta

Arsenal: Meditation key to dealing with stress of being a manager, reveals Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta has revealed how meditation is part of his routine to deal with the stresses of being Arsenal manager.

The Gunners boss has opened up on the challenges involved with being a top-flight coach in the wake of Jurgen Klopp announcing he will leave Liverpool this summer.

As part of his announcement last Friday, Klopp said he was “running out of energy” and that he “cannot do the job again and again and again and again”.

Arteta has admitted being a manager comes with a “rollercoaster” of emotions with it vital that he has a way to disconnect.

“I think it is very necessary, every day you need to have moments,” he said. “I have moments during my day when I do certain things to bring everything down.

“Your brain goes 100mph and you cannot see the picture with clarity — you need to bring it down sometimes.

“There are ways to do it — your family, sometimes meditation, sometimes sport is a great way to put those things away, talking to people. There are a lot of things that you need.

“You need holidays, days off, to stay away from your phone at times. A lot of things that are needed and very, very healthy. But the temptation is always to do more.”

Asked specifically about meditating, Arteta replied: “I would do that in the afternoon, yes.

“Reading. I love reading, sitting there and reading about a topic that can inspire you to prepare for a game or develop a thought that you have on the day. It is something very good.”

Arsenal is Arteta’s first managerial job after he previously worked as an assistant under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. The Spaniard has been in north London since December 2019, when he was hired to replace Unai Emery, and he stressed that he has plenty of energy left given he is only 41.

“I love it, I’m young and I have a lot of energy, but I understand that after so many years, I think with Jurgen it was 24 years doing different jobs in different countries, it’s something that naturally happens,” he said.

“It is a lot. It is a daily challenge. Every day there is a rollercoaster of things you have to go through. Emotions.

“You have to try to inspire people, to impact people, sometimes to calm down people, to motivate people, you have to deal with a lot of things you cannot control.

“On top of that, there are opponents, results and a lot of things that are difficult to manage on a daily basis. But I think overall there is something; how much we love the game, the passion we have for what we do and actually when you have an emotional relationship with a club, that is where the energy source comes from.

“You wake up every day and you want to face that challenge, be better and be more competitive. It is a lot every single day. It is a lot. That is why you need a lot of good people around you to support you.”