Asian restaurant slams influencer's request for free meal in exchange for exposure


Lucky Ramen and Sushi, a pan-Asian restaurant in Manchester, England, publicly slammed an unnamed influencer's request for a free meal in exchange for social media exposure.

Exposing the influencer: The business owners shared a screenshot of the influencer’s initial request and their angered response to their rejection calling out the entitlement in a now-viral Instagram post, saying, “Oh what a surprise! Another thrilling DM from a blue tick superstar asking for a free feast in exchange for an Insta Post.” Lucky Ramen noted that “exposure” does not pay their bills, stating that they “appreciate paying customers even more.”

The influencer’s response: The influencer responded angrily, accusing the restaurant of being "out of order" for attempting to expose them and arguing that influencers like them deserve to eat for free.

“Just in case you didn’t realize, we are doing our best to help and promote you for FREEEE!!! We don’t expect much, just a free meal to compensate for the time, labor, effort and positive energy that we are supplying you,” the individual said.

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“Who’s laughing?”: The influencer then criticized the restaurant's arrogance, declaring they would not be supporting the establishment and emphasizing that they have the freedom to go where they want and eat for free.

“Your arrogance makes me sick,” they wrote. “Haha very funny, you got a couple giggles but we’re the ones that are laughing. We go where we want, eat what we want and lastly — it’s all for free! WHO’S LAUGHING NOW???”

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Lucky Ramen’s response: In response, the restaurant owners responded to the influencer with a sarcastic and humorous message, mockingly acknowledging their supposed tactics and offering a red carpet for all the influencer's desired free meals, even jokingly including extra bonuses like the chef's Crocs and Birkenstocks and the owner's father's medal of honor from the Japan war. The restaurant invited the influencer to collect their "well-deserved goodies" and humorously apologized for the "inconvenience" caused.

Online reactions: The post has since gained traction, with many social media users expressing support for the restaurant's firm response, while highlighting the ongoing issue of influencers seeking complimentary services.

“As someone who manages influencers and celebrities, I’ve got to say this behavior is appalling!” one user commented. “I’m guessing they have a feed stuffed with selfies, inspirational quotes in the captions and no actual value in their contribution to social media? If they reacted as badly as this spoilt child has, I’d give them the exposure they deserve.”

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“Honey they are booked. They don’t need your exposure. We are all queuing for tables. Gladly,” another said.

“They must be broke influencers if they’re begging for a free meal. Name & Shame to return the support,” one person said.

Other establishments, like Sandwich King Shop and Desert Island Dumplings, also reported similar requests from the influencer.

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