Austin Butler too starstruck to speak to Ryan Gosling

Austin Butler was so starstruck when he saw Ryan Gosling he couldn't even say hello to him.

The 'Elvis' actor unexpectedly caught a glimpse of the 'Barbie' star outside his hotel, but he was so in awe, he had to find an alternative entrance to the building because he couldn't bring himself to speak.

Speaking on 'Today', he said: “I was just telling a story yesterday about getting starstruck by Ryan Gosling recently. It’s when you don’t expect to see somebody — so I saw him outside of a hotel that I was staying in, and I had to go into another door.

“I couldn’t even say hello. Because I grew up admiring him so much.”

Host Savannah Guthrie then pointed out 32-year-old actor is a star in his own right and he replied: "I know. But that doesn’t feel real.”

But Ryan, 43, isn't the only famous face to leave the Oscar-nominated hunk starstruck because he was also in awe of Bruce Springsteen when they crossed paths at a party hosted by Sir Paul McCartney and attended by the likes of his Beatles bandmate Sir Ringo Starr, Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks and Sir Mick Jagger.

Austin said of the bash: "“Some people I know — Paul I’ve met a couple times. He’s so sweet.

“I had never met Springsteen, so that was really… Those are those moments that you just, you can hardly fathom the amount of talent that’s surrounding you.”

And of Cher attending the premiere of his new movie 'The Bikeriders', he added: "Yeah, she’s another person that I’d never met. What a legend."

Austin is "very grateful" for the success he has enjoyed in recent years after spending so long just trying to make ends meet.

He said: “I’ve been acting for 20 years, and you know, most of that time you just try to pay the rent and pay for gas, so right now I just feel very grateful.”