Ayda Field still has sex with Robbie Williams but admits he didn't want marriage or kids at first

Ayda Field still has sex with Robbie Williams.

The 44-year-old model tied the knot with former Take That star Robbie, 50, in 2010 and has Teddy, 11, son Charlie, nine, daughter Coco, five and three-year-old son Beau with him but he made headlines last year when he claimed there was "no sex after marriage".

However, she has now insisted that they are still physically intimate, although it is unlikely that they will ever enjoy raunchy moments similar to the characters on Netflix hit 'Bridgerton'.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she said: "I think it was in reference to a podcast I had done, like a mom's podcast, where I was just joking because of the four kids. That made headlines so they asked Rob about it and he decided to go further into detail as he does.

"Listen, we do have sex. It does happen, there is a thing that happens but it was COVID times and I was watching 'Bridgerton', I was in quarantine and I had this programme to watch. There was these scenes where she's up a ladder in the library and then they're in grass and it's happening. I was like 'I don't think I'm ever gonna do it up a ladder, or in the grass!' And if it happened in the grass, I'd have to move all the dog poop out of the way."

Ayda also noted that when she first met the 'Rock DJ' hitmaker, she knew she had fallen in love with him but was filled with dread when he initially claimed that the social construct of monogamy was not for him.

She said: "He was on the bed saying kind of 'I could never be in a monogamous relationship, I could never have kids...'

"And I saw red flags. I thought 'Oh God, why does this have to be my person?'"