Baldur's Gate 3 becomes best-rated game of 2023 in terms of Metacritic score

baldur's gate iii, purple skinned white haired female elf character scowls
Baldur's Gate 3 becomes best-rated game of 2023Larian Studios

Baldur's Gate III has become the highest-scoring game of 2023 so far on Metacritic.

At the time of writing, the RPG has a score of 97, which is an average of all the scores given to it by professional critics. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been pushed into second place with its score of 96.

Whether the game will hold onto that first-place score is something we're sure many fans will be keeping an eye on over the coming days and weeks. Baldur's Gate III is a huge game, and review codes were only given out to critics shortly before its release last week.

As a result, many critics have published 'in progress' reviews, detailing their general impressions of the game, but want to spend more time with it before solidifying their thoughts with a scored review.

baldur's gate iii key art, featuring an elf character with a spear, two vampires and a man wielding flames
Larian Studios

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Digital Spy has also received review code ahead of the game's release, although we will just be doing a singular review, with a score attached, at a later date.

Although the score and ranking may change, the current consensus is (and is likely to remain) that Baldur's Gate III has incredible production values and a strong narrative, but its true strength lies in the sheer amount of things you can do, giving players a huge toolbox to create their own storytelling through gameplay.

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Reviewers and fans alike noted bugs in the game at launch, with the biggest being a game-breaking glitch that stopped players being able to load or save their files. Developer and publisher Larian Studios have issued a hotfix for that specific issue, alongside other issues, with more patches on the way.

Baldur's Gate III is available on PC now, with a PlayStation 5 version coming on September 6. Versions for MacOS and Xbox Series X are due later on.

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