Bangladeshi diaspora hold anti-Pakistan protest in Geneva, demand apology for '1971 genocide'

Geneva (Switzerland), Oct 1, 2021, (ANI) : Members of the Bangladeshi diaspora living in Europe held an anti-Pakistan protest on Thursday on the sidelines of 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, demanding apology from Islamabad for the '1971 Bangladesh genocide'. The protesters highlighted in 1971 Pakistan military committed one of the worst mass atrocities that the world witnessed in the 20th century, systematically killing around three million people for seeking self-determination.The demonstrators urged the United Nations to globally recognize the atrocities as genocide and initiate trials against the perpetrators. Pakistan carried out military crackdown from 1948-1971 on its Eastern wing, now Bangladesh, to suppress Bengali calls for self-determination. Bangladesh ultimately won independence with India's help in December 1971 following a nine-month war against West Pakistan.