BBC drama Champion unveils first trailer for new series

bbc champion déja j bowens as vita
BBC drama Champion unveils first trailerBen Gregory-Ring - BBC

Champion, the new drama from the BBC, has released its first trailer.

The series, which is written by Candice Carty-Williams, will follow siblings Bosco (Malcolm Kamulete) and Vita (Déja J Bowens) as their musical talents result in a rivalry which tears the family apart.

The brief teaser trailer showcases the burgeoning feud between the pair, with each given time under the spotlight as they perform to their respective fans, with the battle being dubbed “Champion vs Champion.”

bbc champion déja j bowens as vita
Ben Gregory-Ring - BBC

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The series, which will be aired internationally on Netflix, will be a “love letter to Black British music set in south London [and] a celebration of a sound that has long been the beating heart of our culture.”

The drama will also star Jo Martin, Rachel Adedeji, Karl Collins, and Nadine Marshall, with BBC Music Sound Of 2017 prize winner Ray BLK serving as music executive alongside the Mercury Prize nominated Ghetts.

The list of directors for the series includes John Ogunmuyiwa, Adeyemi Michael, Christiana Ebohon-Green and Caleb Femi, with the writing team including Ameir Brown, Isis Davis, Emma Dennis-Edwards and Edem Wornoo alongside Carty-Williams.

bbc champion actor malcolm kamulete as bosco

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Upon the series’ announcement last year, best-selling author Carty-Williams said: “Champion is a celebration of Black music and of a Black family, however fragmented that family might be, and I can't wait for the world to see their story.

“Since I knew what music was, I've loved grime and UK rap and neo-soul, to the point of obsession,” she added. “To bring [that] to the BBC in the UK and Netflix globally, a series that gives these genres of music life and texture, is my dream. Working with some of the best producers and songwriters making music today to create original tracks for the show [is also my dream]."

Champion will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and on Netflix worldwide, with the series premiering in the summer.

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