BBC's I Kissed a Girl 2024 cast announced

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BBC's I Kissed a Girl 2024 cast revealedCorinne Cumming - BBC

I Kissed a Girl has announced its cast of queer women looking for a chance to find love at first kiss in this new reality show.

Following the same format as 2023's I Kissed a Boy, the new all-female show will see the return of 'Cupid' Dannii Minogue on hosting duties, plus voiceovers by TikTok comedian Charley Marlowe.

Relocating to an Italian masseria for the duration of the series, the cast includes femme and masc-presenting contestants from different backgrounds eager to find love. Let's take a look at the eleven ladies taking over our screens from May 5, when I Kissed a Girl premieres with two episodes.


abbie, i kissed a girl

Abbie, 24, hails from Brighton where she lives with her parents and sister and owns her own salon.

With her femme energy, she says people often don't realise she's a lesbian and so has to "come out" constantly. Joining I Kissed a Girl after a "disastrous" dating history, Abbie hopes to find a partner who will finally treat her right, ideally a sporty, masc-presenting girl.

"What I loved most about the show was how comfortable I instantly felt around all the girls, in a judgement free environment, allowing myself to be vulnerable in conversations around sexuality," she said.


amy, i kissed a girl

24-year-old Amy describes herself as "a gay man trapped in a lesbian's body".

She has a love of 1990s fashion and is a hopeless romantic, wanting to find forever love in the masseria after being single for three years.

Amy has a femme vibe and is attracted to other femmes, joking that "femme for femme" are a dying breed, but things can take a turn for her on the show.

Speaking about growing up in a conservative environment in Surrey with her two sisters, who are also lesbians, Amy said: "We made Herstory! I can only imagine the sense of validation and belonging that me and my sisters would have felt had we had this kind of representation on our telly growing up (the closet was cramped in our house)."

She added: "From me, you can expect boots, boob and a boatload of banter."


cara, i kissed a girl

Cara, 25, comes from Northern Ireland and identifies as bisexual.

Fun and adventurous, she grew up on a council estate and is proud of her roots, saying her mum is her biggest supporter, alongside her three brothers and two sisters.

Discussing her bisexuality, she said it can be a "weird feeling" because she can sometimes feel "stuck in the middle" between some men who treat her "like a kink" and some queer women who see her as "not gay enough".

"Coming from a small town in Northern Ireland, the rare chance to be in an environment exclusively full of queer women was an opportunity of a lifetime," she shared.


demi, i kissed a girl

23-year-old Demi jokes that she's a "baby gay" having had a few flings with women, but has never been in a relationship with a woman.

Graduated with a master's degree in Gender, Media and Culture, she now works as a publishing assistant.

She lives with her family in Hemel Hempstead, and her family are of Nigerian heritage. While her mum has always been supportive of her sexual orientation, she said her dad, who's very traditional, has found it more difficult to accept.

"I was able to be one hundred percent unapologetically myself and I got to experience being part of a close-knit queer community," she said of her time in the masseria.


fiorenza, i kissed a girl

Glaswegian chef and drummer Fiorenza, 22, says she may look like a masc-presenting "player" but admits to being a "softie" who often catches feelings very quickly.

A "golden retriever lesbian", Fiorenza is looking to be in a loyal relationship and cherish her woman, and says she is particularly attracted to femme girls with an edgy fashion sense and loads of personality.

"I'm very proud to be a part of the show, especially the first season for the girls! It should have existed years ago," she said of I Kissed a Girl. "We need more representation for lesbian relationships and what the dating life of a lezza entails as it's such a unique and special thing that should be shown everywhere!"


georgia, i kissed a girl

A professional footballer from North Yorkshire, Georgia, 28, has played since she was 8, with her career taking her to Florida and South Carolina, and back to the UK.

She's played for teams including Sheffield United Women Football Club, Durham Women's Football Club and now Rugby Borough Women's Football Club, with dating having to take a backseat amidst her professional success.

Georgia says that she has struggled to use the word "lesbian" in the past due to its negative use by other kids at school, but believes she's now ready to embrace it proudly and meet a femme girl with ambitions.

"My goal was not to cry on television and I think I made it to day two," she shared. "It's amazing that there's finally a show like this out there. It's incredible representation and I'm just so glad I got to be a part of it."


lisha, i kissed a girl

22-year-old Lisha from Wales is a self-proclaimed tomboy who used to play football and is now studying to become a psychologist.

She came out to her friends and family when she was 13 and has a close relationship with her grandmother, with the two of them enjoying regular Sunday roasts together.

Gravitating towards femme women, Lisha says she tends to be "dominant" in her romances but can get frustrated when her partners only see her as "masc" and don't let her express her feminine side.

Speaking about I Kissed a Girl, Lisha praised the show as "a step forward for the LGBTQ+ community that will hopefully help others have the courage to come out and be true to themselves".


meg, i kissed a girl

A dancer and fire-breather from West Yorkshire, Meg describes herself as a homebody known for her funky style and her love of tattoos.

She jokes that there's two sides to her persona: "work Meg" who dresses sexy and gets a lot of attention, and a more wholesome version of herself who's looking to settle down with the right partner.

She's been dating men and women but has a preference for girls and is excited to be able to "explore [her] type" in the masseria.

"I will definitely be bringing some heat to the show… in many ways," she said.


naee, i kissed a girl

An engineer of Jamaican descent, 23-year-old Naee is very close to her family, and is grateful to them for being accepting of her sexuality.

She only dates femme girls and, while she likes women who take control, she endeavours to treat her partners like princesses.

"I am proud to represent masculine-presenting women of colour who are gay," she said.

"You do not see a lot of us on TV so I'm proud to be an addition to that little presented category. Viewers can expect their heads to be glued to the TV honestly. It is THAT good."


priya, i kissed a girl

23-year-old Priya is from South Wales and is known for her full-energy, diva attitude which has earned her the nickname of Priyoncé.

She's of dual heritage and shared that being mixed-race and queer in South Wales wasn't always easy, but her family were extremely supportive when she came out to them.

"Being a Punjabi woman, I am so proud to represent my heritage and the South Asian community," she said. "This show embodies love, diversity and being unapologetically queer."


eva, i kissed a girl

A Belfast-born fashion graduate, Eva, 22, will be the wild card of the show, entering the masseria as a surprise late arrival.

A 'Stem' — a girl with a mix of masculine and feminine energy — with a flirty approach, she's had relationships and though she doesn't think she's ever been in love, she's ready to fall for a confident, ambitious and independent woman.

On the importance of the show, she said: "I used to search and search the internet for any WLW (women who love women) when coming to terms with my sexuality, so something like this is amazing."

Episodes one and two of I Kissed a Girl will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer on May 5. Episodes will air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm.

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