‘The Bear’ S3, E4 Has Two (!) Cameos That We Need to Discuss

I thought I was crazy when episode 4 began. Is this The Bear or the Nosferatu trailer?!? Granted, I wasn’t in my right mind. All ten episodes of The Bear season 3 dropped at 9:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday...and I binge-watched the whole thing in one sitting. What can I say? I was locked in. Plus, as someone who also covers House of the Dragon for Esquire, I’m used to incredibly dark lighting in prestige TV.

Luckily, the scene brightened up. It’s another flashback of Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and Claire (Molly Gordon), from when the chef tried to find out what this “happiness” thing is all about. Together they speak about pain and how the body keeps score. Carmy once touched a pan so hot that it didn’t even hurt, even though it left a massive scar on his hand. Claire humbles him a bit, telling a story from the hospital about a woman who violently fell through a glass table. Oh, is being a chef so hard, darling? Try the ER.

So far this season, Carmy’s memories of Claire paint her as some ethereal, motherly ghost. But she’s not the only entity haunting our cast. Still grieving the loss of his mother, Marcus (Lionel Boyce) sits at home and listens to the beeps of her medical machines for comfort. While driving around, he stops to take a photo of a wild white violet that speaks to him.

the bear season 3
Sydney is putting one foot out the door.FX/Hulu

Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) is haunted by her email inbox. (Aren’t we all?) After a couple weeks of complete and utter dysfunction at The Bear, she’s hesitant to sign her partnership agreement and fully commit herself to working for Carmy. I say for Carmy and not with Carmy, because our head chef has completely taken control of the operation even if he nosedives straight into the ground.

A chef from Ever runs into Syd and says that he secretly visited The Bear—and he loved her cooking. His name is Adam Shapiro—both in real life and on The Bear. It’s a little confusing, because: (1) In real life, Shapiro is an actor and not a professional chef; (2) Ever is a real restaurant in Chicago; and (3) It’s not the fictional version of Ever on The Bear. Anyway, he noticed the dysfunction between Carmy and Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and specifically mentions his appreciation for Sydney’s contributions that night. Later, she tells Carm that the restaurant’s poor communication is killing them. He promptly downs some more nicotine gum. (Yes, he’s trying to quit smoking.)

Meanwhile, Richie is haunted by….oh my God, is that nineties heartthrob Josh Hartnett? He’s playing Frank, the fiancé of Richie’s ex-wife, Tiff (Gillian Jacobs). Given that Frank is blaring “Long Live” from his house, the man even loves Taylor Swift! Damn, Richie. Tough competition. Frank says that he feels shitty about not talking to Richie before he asked Tiff to marry him, especially since he’s entering their daughter’s life as well. Ritchie finds the gesture unnecessary, but it’s sweet. Still, he hasn’t RSVP’d to the wedding.

the bear season 3
“We’re being reviewed,” Sydney says. “Shit.”FX/Hulu

At the very end of the episode, the gang finds out that the Chicago Tribune is coming to The Bear for a photo shoot. Why? Because the paper’s food critic has already eaten at the restaurant—unbeknownst to Carmy & Co. Add another ghost to haunt us, why don’t you! “We’re being reviewed,” Sydney says. “Shit.” Credits. Weezer.

Before I sign off on episode 4, I must mention the quote from the produce seller: “Whatever grows together, goes together.” It’s a common saying in the culinary world. If ingredients come from the same region and season, they’ll likely taste better together than others. This will likely be the mantra for The Bear going forward (and possibly even into season 4). Right now Carmy is alone. In fact, it seems as if everyone’s alone in their own way. Marcus lost his mother, Sydney is setting out on her own, and Richie’s young daughter can tell he’s lonely. The only way through is together.

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