‘The Bear’ Season 3 Has a (Characteristically) Stellar Soundtrack

Season 3 of The Bear gave us a lot to chew on. The series started out strong with Carmy & Co. successfully opening their restaurant—but that, of course, came with a whole mess of problems. Money was tight! Menus were changed! And Richie and Carmy nearly had a wrestling match over non-negotiables.

While the whole cast spiraled out of control, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the music—which is always a reliable blend of dad rock, Chicago artists, and sometimes both! I knew we were in good hands when episode 1 featured “Together” by Nine Inch Nails. The instrumental beautifully accompanied Carmy’s dreamy (and occasionally fucked-up) memories.

Things only got better from there. Later episodes included hits from Radiohead, Taylor Swift (Eva’s favorite artist!), the Rolling Stones (your dad’s favorite artist!), and Beastie Boys. That’s not all. In episode 6, when we learned about how Tina started working for The Beef, her morning routine was expertly set to “Get Down on It” by Kool and the Gang—a fitting tribute to Tina’s hardworking, lighthearted spirit. And when tensions rose a little too high in episode 7, the opening beat of “Fight for Your Right” started right on cue.

Below, we’ve rounded up every song featured in season 3 of The Bear. If you’ve cruised through the series and want to cosplay as a member of the staff, then scroll through and press play. You’ll feel like a master chef in no time.

Episode 1

“Together,” Nine Inch Nails

Episode 2

“Save It for Later,” Eddie Vedder

“(Nice Dream),” Radiohead

Episode 3


Episode 4

“Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops,” Cocteau Twins

‘Spinning Away,” Brian Eno & John Cale

“Long Live,” Taylor Swift

“Getchoo,” Weezer

Episode 5

“Dream Little One, Dream,” Walter Schumann & Charles Laughton

“Purple Heather” (Live at the Troubadour), Van Morrison

“Mixed Emotions,” the Rolling Stones

Episode 6

“Get Down on It,” Kool and the Gang

“The Start of Things,” Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

“The Morning Fog,” Kate Bush

“Let It Whip,” Dazz Band

“Sabotage,” Beastie Boys

“Got This Happy Feeling,” Ghetto Brothers

Episode 7

“No Machine,” Adrianne Lenker

“Save It for Later,” the English Beat

“Fight for Your Right,” Beastie Boys

“Stephanie,” Lindsey Buckingham

“Up on the Roof,” Carole King

Episode 8

“New Noise,” Refused

“13 Ghosts II,” Nine Inch Nails

“Baby I Love You,” the Ronettes

Episode 9

“Are You Looking Up,” Mk.Gee

“Secret Love,” Stevie Nicks

“Blowing Kisses,” Jennifer Castle

“A Murder of One,” Counting Crows

Episode 10

“In the Garage,” Weezer

“The Big Country,” Talking Heads

“Joy,” the Sundays

“Within Your Reach,” the Replacements

“Can You Hear Me,” David Bowie

“Diamond Diary,” Tangerine Dream

“Just One More Day,” Otis Redding

“Big White Cloud,” John Cale

“Laid,” James

“Disarm,” Smashing Pumpkins

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