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Beats Fit Pro earbuds now come in three new colors

The trio goes on sale this week for $200.

The new blue color variant alongside the existing grey option. (Billy Steele/Engadget)

Beats Fit Pro debuted in late 2021, but the earbuds remain the best true wireless option from the Apple-owned company well over a year later. Today, Beats is adding three new colors for the fitness-focused model: coral pink, volt yellow and tidal blue. These new hues join black, white, stone purple and sage gray in the company's lineup. They'll be available Thursday, February 23rd for $200 from Apple and other retailers.

Since their arrival, Beats Fit Pro have been some of our favorite workout earbuds. In fact, we've named them the best option for those activities in our most recent buyer's guide. You get all of the convenience of Apple's AirPods in a more comfortable design. That includes hands-free Siri, Adaptive EQ, spatial audio and quick pairing. The Fit Pro also offer solid noise-canceling performance and punchy bass that keeps the energy up while not overpowering the rest of the mix. There's no wireless charging and some features are exclusive to iOS, but Beats does offer a dedicated app for Android users for a fit test, customization and other items that are built into Apple's software.

In recent months, we've seen the Fit Pro for as low as $145, though they were most recently on sale for $150. However, you may not find a deal on the new colors any time soon.

Beats Fit Pro
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