Beloved Chicago Reporter Mike Lowe, 44, Reveals Stage 3 Colon Cancer Diagnosis: 'Never Die Easy'

WGN's reporter has stage 3 colon cancer but says “I’m staying 100 percent positive”

<p>Mike Lowe/Instagram</p> Mike Lowe.

Mike Lowe/Instagram

Mike Lowe.

Beloved Chicago reporter Mike Lowe shared Thursday that he’s been diagnosed with colon cancer, and is taking part in a clinical trial at Northwestern Medicine.

The WGN reporter used a little humor to tell fans in his Instagram post: “Cancer sucks, but it’s growing on me.”

He continued, “I wanted to let you know that I was diagnosed with Stage 3(c)/N+ colon cancer, and I’ll be participating in a clinical trial with Northwestern Medicine. I’ll be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for about six months prior to surgery.”

Lowe wrote that “Stage 3 is serious (Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played the title character in Black Panther died from Stage 3 colon cancer), but I’m staying 100 percent positive. I’ve got a great team of doctors, all of whom say this could be a curable cancer.”

As the National Cancer Institute explains, at Stage 3C, the “cancer has spread through the serosa (outermost layer) of the colon and/or rectum wall to the tissue that lines the organs in the abdomen (visceral peritoneum)” as well as to lymph nodes or other organs.

Lowe added that “I’ll be motivated by Walter Payton’s motto ‘Never Die Easy’” and shared a photo of himself reading the like-titled autobiography of the Chicago Bears running back, who died of bile duct cancer in 1999.

Lowe — a 38-time Emmy winner — said he won’t be on-air very much, but promised to provide health updates on his Instagram page.

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He took a moment to speak about the rising rates of colon cancer. According to the American Cancer Society’s annual report on cancer statistics, colorectal cancer is now the leading cause of cancer death for men under 50, and the second-leading cause of cancer death for women under 50.

“While scientists search for the reason behind the alarming increases, there’s something you can do: get your colonoscopy,” Lowe, 44, wrote. “I haven’t even reached the age recommended for a routine screening, which is 45. So if you’re experiencing symptoms like constipation or abdominal pain, go see a doctor.”

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Fellow WGN reporter Marcus Leshock shared on the news on X, formerly Twitter, writing, “Everyone say a prayer for our friend,” prompting Lowe to reply, “Thanks, Marcus! I’m going to be ok!”

He reiterated that same optimistic outlook on his Instagram post, which he concluded by writing, “I’m going to be OK, and I’ll see you soon. Meantime, I’m going to start making plans to see the Bears in next year’s Super Bowl.”

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