Ben Affleck Has Been "Actively Involved" in Supporting Jennifer Garner Following Her Dad's Death

Ben Affleck has been stepping up to support his ex-wife Jennifer Garner as she mourns the death of her father.

Jennifer announced her dad's passing on April 1, saying in part "There is so much to say about my dad— my sisters and I will never be done talking about how wonderful he was, so bear with us— but for today I share these memories with my appreciation for the kind and brilliant man, father, and grandfather he was, as well as the loving legacy he left behind."

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that Ben has been "actively involved" with Jen as she grieves, explaining that "He has been checking in on her and making sure she knows he is there for her since her dad's passing. It was the kids' grandfather and Ben and him always got along. He considered him family and always will."

The source adds that "beyond dealing with this loss," Jennifer Garner "is in a very happy place and gets along" with Ben and Jennifer Lopez. And Jen and J.Lo have specifically "gotten closer, which is nice for both of them."

As for Bennifer, the couple are "doing well and are very happy together. Their kids bring them even closer together and keep them humble. Jen and Ben are supportive of one another and just want the best for their relationship and family. Their kids love being a blended family and mesh well together. They're all kind and get along well."

Love a positive update about this blended family!

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