'Best friends forever' Zoe Tay and Chen Hanwei live it up in Okinawa

(PHOTO: Zoe Tay/Instagram)

Singapore veteran actress Zoe Tay recently enjoyed a week-long holiday trip with fellow actor Chen Hanwei on Japan’s Okinawa island.

Tay documented the trip last week on her Instagram account, where she described the two of them as “old friends” and “bff” (best friends forever). Among other activities, the actors went snorkelling and gorged themselves on Okinawan cuisine.

Here they are having set meals of sea urchin and rice:

Here they are getting ready for a snorkelling session:

Here is Tay admiring the scenery by the sea:

Here she is donning a traditional kimono:

And here they are being served a ridiculous amount of fish roe with rice:

Tay and Chen have remained close friends after spending multiple decades in show business, with both having co-starred in numerous TV dramas such as By My Side (2008), Devotion (2011) and The Dream Makers (2013).

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