The Best Starfield Preorder Discount Saves You 17 Percent

Three Starfield ships soar through space.
Three Starfield ships soar through space.

Starfield launches on September 6, unless you preordered one of the special editions that gives you early access starting on August 31. But if you’re down to play on PC, you can grab Bethesda’s massive spacefaring RPG for either $12 or $17 off, depending on the edition.

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Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming game has been hyped up since its first reveal during E3 2018. Since then, it’s also drummed up a fair amount of controversy, with the latest brouhaha being gamer discourse debating just how sprawlingly vast (or possibly not vast) its 1,000+ planets actually are. Strange to argue over something when the game isn’t even out yet, but that’s just this fandom I guess.

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